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5 tips to effectively recruit employees for managers

admin July 18, 2022

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Exploiting multiple sources of candidates

Tapping into multiple sources of candidates is the first tip in the recruiting steps. In order to recruit a sufficient number and quality of workers for the job vacancies, enterprises need to consider and choose which job position to take inside the enterprise and the job position, should take people from outside the organization and with it is a method of exploiting multiple sources of candidates to recruit the most suitable people.

It is easy to see that there are two most popular sources of candidates:

- Internal recruitment: is an internal source of employees who are working in the enterprise. This source usually applies to job positions higher than the starting level of a profession or to rearrange jobs to better suit the ability and forte of employees. Especially, when the organization needs an immediate replacement, the internal source will be the most preferred.

- From external sources through: Recruitment advertising, employee referrals, job placement centers, recruiting at training institutions, recruiting via the internet, etc.

5 tips to effectively recruit employees for managers

Use support tools

In the staffing process, there are many situations in which an excellent candidate can be overlooked for one reason or another. When this factor cannot determine their success in the actual position you are recruiting. On the other hand, traditional selections will make it difficult for companies to fully assess the capabilities and prospects of candidates. Therefore, in order to evaluate candidates more accurately, managers need the help of support tools, typically an online candidate evaluation system.

On the other hand, through shared information, managers can also draft better and more effective job descriptions. While that may not seem like the top priority of your hiring strategy, it's one of the first things candidates will see. There are some unnecessary descriptions and types of language that could be perceived as unattractive or offensive to a great candidate.

Competency test application

In the modern , it is not enough just to apply the interview form. Managers can refer to applying more competency tests to evaluate candidates more accurately and comprehensively. For example, professional qualifications, personality tests, emotional management, multiple intelligences, marketing tests, salespeople, etc. The platform also has the feature of summarizing results and making objective assessments, help recruiters identify an overview and multidimensional about the candidate.

5 tips to effectively recruit employees for managers

Strengthening recruitment branding

Another effective recruiting tip is to make sure you're developing an employer brand that employees are attracted to and that more candidates find themselves.

- To be able to build a sustainable employer brand, managers can start from the following necessary contents:

- Salary – Is your salary competitive?

- Benefits – What kind of benefits do you offer? Who is eligible?

- Work environment / company culture – What is your working environment like? Is your company culture balanced? How does it feel to work for your company?

- Autonomy – Do employees micromanage or do they have control over how they do their jobs?

- Reward and Recognition – How are employees rewarded for their efforts (besides salary)? Do you reward regularly, or do you only reward people who have achieved achievements for the year or have reached a certain milestone?

Appreciate recruitment quality over quantity

Focusing on the quality of the candidates rather than the quantity can be a strategy to help address the question of how to hire effectively. It costs less to hire two excellent, relevant employees than five with limited qualifications.

Therefore, in order for the recruitment process to be effective, you should not pay too much attention to the number of applications, but should pay more attention to the quality of candidates participating in the application. Because of the mentality of candidates, they often "scattered" CVs everywhere and waited for luck, while resumes and competencies were not properly and carefully prepared. This is also a common situation and causes many difficulties for employers.

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