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Be careful with the stealth opponents at the workplace

admin July 08, 2015

Even you are an employee or employer, you need to know that nobody gets along with everyone, always there are people sound like very friendly and willing to help others but they are the one who talk behind your back. These invisible enemies will make your office life become more and more fatigue. So, stay awake to define the bad peers and build your defend wall in advance.

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Here are the most popular adversaries you might be met and some suggestions to cope with them:

1. “Politician” colleagues

He is the kind of person constantly bragging about his come off with the boss everytime, everywhere. As usual, this guy will act nice in front of you but when he’s with the boss alone, you have to be careful.

Be-careful-with-the-stealth-opponents-at-the- workplace-1

⇒ Solution: Update your work regularly with your boss and other colleagues. When more people know about your successes, "politicians" will not have the inequitable competition opportunity with you.

2. Ambitious subordinate

This junior maybe does not express much except for the admiration with your job. However, be careful, he can’t wait for your falling to take your position.

Be-careful-with-the-stealth-opponents-at-the- workplace-2

⇒ Solution: The best way to control these “innocent” employees are becoming a conscious and great manager. Show your power whenever figure out any devastating tacit signs.

3. Lamenting superiors

If your supervisor can’t stop complaining, whining and just focuses on negative aspects of the problem, you and other colleagues could easily be impacted and your job will always render a dark color.

Be-careful-with-the-stealth-opponents-at-the- workplace-3

⇒ Solution:: Talking to your boss, instead of saying the bad things, you should redirect to the positive measures. Also, discuss with others what to do to resolve the situation in a most efficient way.

4. The colleagues who want to take your achievement

Before any meeting or discuss a new project, this person usually probe your idea and then present like that is his thinking.

⇒ Solution: Be ingenious to explain this misunderstanding and careful whenever you want to show off in front of anyone.

5. Lazy person.

These people only like sitting still or sometimes pass to your place to gossip which makes you distract in your work. Moreover, they usually take advantage of shirking their mission and push it to other.

Be-careful-with-the-stealth-opponents-at-the- workplace-4

⇒ Solution: When you feel like you be used, talk frankly to make clear about your own the tasks and maturity. In the case you have to report with your boss, make sure your comments only focus on the job, not talking behind their back.

Do you know any other types of these opponents at the workplace, why don't you share with us?


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