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Vietnam, Japan sign MoU on labor cooperation

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Apprenticeship Program was signed between Vietnam’s Ministry of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs (MoLISA) and IM Japan – the Japanese international human resources training agency in Tokyo on December 24.

Vietnam’s Minister of Labour, Invalid and Social Affairs and IM Japan's President are signing MoU on apprenticeship program

The memorandum is in accordance with the latest Labor Laws of Japan, which creates more favorable conditions for foreign apprentices and workers to join Japan labor market. Japan has opened the door for more guest workers while extending visa expiration from three to five years.

IM Japan not only offers free of charge apprenticeship to Vietnamese candidates who participate in the program but also provide further distant training support for those who are eligible to complete five year apprenticeship in Japan to open their own companies, said IM Japan’s President Yanagisawa Kyoe.

Each participant in this program will receive up to one million JPY from IM Japan after passing the final exam. Moreover, excellent performers can receive the salary raises from employers during their apprenticeship, which can make their total earnings up to 5 million JPY.

Vietnam MoLISA and IM Japan also signed a letter of intent on receiving Vietnamese engineers, which will be beneficial for both countries.

Furthermore, IM Japan will ask the Japanese government to loosen entry visa requirements for those people and strive to carry out commitments in the MoU.