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Oil and Gas manpower

Oil and Gas manpower

Oil and Gas Manpower

Vietnam Manpower provides a full manpower service to Oil & Gas Companies for both upstream and downstream Projects and Operations & Maintenance. Vietnam Manpower is specialized recruitment consultant dedicated to make every project successful by providing right people at the right time for all the sectors of oil & gas industry within the shortest time.Our extensive data- bank and wide-spread network enable us to meet all the staffing needs of the clients with professionalism. We have been the most trusted recruitment firm providing services to oil industry majors, both offshore and on-shore. Some of the popular oil and gas job profiles in the industry are as follows:

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  • Oil and Gas Engineers

    Oil and Gas Engineers

    With the development of oil & gas industry, engineer plays an important role in this trend .Vietnam engineers have been trained at leading universities in Vietnam and received advanced technology in...

  • Drilling Manpower

    Drilling Manpower

    Drilling is one of major sector in oil and gas service that we supply. Our drillers are responsible for moving, setting up and operating drilling rigs and related equipment to drill holes for mineral...

  • Refining, Petrochemical and Oil Manpower

    Refining, Petrochemical and Oil Manpower

    As the leading manpower recruitment agency in refinery process treatments, fuel additives, petrochemical processes and oil services in Vietnam, we understand that refining and petrochemical...

  • Production and Maintenance Manpower

    Production and Maintenance Manpower

    In oil & gas industry, production & maintenance is one of the important stages because this stage finishes the exploitation process and creating product.