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Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

  • Construction Manpower

    Construction Manpower

    Along with strong domestic consumption, the construction industry plays an important role in maintaining Vietnam's economic growth on the plunging foreign investment. The construction industry...

  • Oil and Gas Manpower

    Oil and Gas Manpower

    Vietnam Manpower provides a full manpower service to Oil & Gas Companies for both upstream and downstream Projects and Operations & Maintenance. Vietnam Manpower is specialized...

  • Manufacturing Manpower

    Manufacturing Manpower

    A decade into the 21st century, the role of manufacturing in the global economy continues to evolve. Developing economies have continued to drive global growth in demand for manufactured goods....

  • Transportation and Warehousing Manpower

    Transportation and Warehousing Manpower

    Transportation & warehousing are the important sectors in economic growth and globalization. They are also the high-cost parts in every industry. To manage the entire logistics...

  • Agriculture Manpower

    Agriculture Manpower

    Vietnam, an agricultural country, has approximately 80% of the population  living in the countryside, and working in the agriculture industry. In addition, Vietnam is one of the Food &...

  • Hospitality Manpower

    Hospitality Manpower

    Vietnam Manpower is well-known manpower supplier in hospitality industry. Our hospitality recruitment services include the recruitment of potential staffs for various key support and management...

  • Retail Manpower

    Retail Manpower

    The retail sector has been witnessing a surge in demand for quality staff to keep pace with its growth. Understanding the importance of getting the right people with the right skills into the...

  • Other Manpower

    Other Manpower

    Besides Construction Manpower, Oil and Gas Manpower, Manpower in Manufacturing, Agriculture and Hospitality, Vietnam Manpower can also provide many other types of...

  • Local Recruitment Service

    Local Recruitment Service

    Vietnam is now drawing much attention for enterprises planning to expand their businesses.

    In fact, many foreign firms have entered into Vietnam, which is attracting attention from Asia...