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Recuitment Process

Recuitment Process

Recruitment Process

1. Evaluation of client’s request
- Assess the employer’s recruitment request to find essential criteria needed for each vacancy
- Select applications and review them
- Initially screen candidates
- In-person interview, first medical checkup and shortlist candidates
2. Interview and trade test by client
After having shortlisted candidates, employers come to Vietnam to participate in the trade test and interview organized by – LMK Vietnam., JSC. for the interview and trade test. Normally, the test will consist of two parts: theory part for background knowledge and practical test for skill. Candidates will be tested directly by the employer’s representatives but in case they can’t come to Vietnam, our company will organize a trade test via Skype video call.
3. Follow-up progress:
i) Medical checkup:
After final selection, qualified workers/candidates take medical checkup at the authorized hospital.
ii) Passport and criminal record
Vietnam Manpower – LMK Vietnam., JSC will support selected workers in extending their passport validity or making new ones. The company also helps them to prepare the criminal record as required by foreign employers.
ii) Further training:
Employees passing the test and interview will get further training to meet strict requirements of all foreign employers. The training courses focus on languages teaching, skill improvement and orientation program with information about their duties and responsibilities while abroad. Employees are also provided with information concerning the host country’s culture and living conditions as well as salient features of its labor laws.
 iv) Application for visa:
The workers’ visa application will be submitted to the host country’s embassy in Vietnam. This step is taken by Vietnam Manpower – LMK Vietnam., JSC from beginning to the end.
4.  Ticketing and Emigration:
Employers pay for travelling expenses of selected workers while Vietnam Manpower – LMK Vietnam., JSC helps qualified workers to buy air tickets and get Emigration Clearance Certificate from the concerned Government Department.
We have achieved an incredibly high rate of success with this process. For any unclear thing about the recruitment procedure, please via mobile phone number +84 949594 116 or email: