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Hotline: (+84) 949 594 116
Tel: (+84-24) 73033699
Other Manpower

Other Manpower

Other Manpower

Besides Construction Manpower, Oil and Gas Manpower, Manpower in Manufacturing, Agriculture and Hospitality, Vietnam Manpower can also provide many other types of workers:

          - Manpower for healthcare services

          - Manpower for security services

          - Domestic Helper and family drivers in couple recruitment service

As well as many other types of workers

For any subdivision of manpower, please contact us for the detail via (+84) 949594 116 and email:

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  • Security Staffs

    Security Staffs

    Vietnam manpower provides trained and well-presented security personnel to ensure the safe and secure for your company, your employee, your visitor,…

  • Healthcare Staffs

    Healthcare Staffs

    The life quality is raising, the demand of caring for family is increased gradually. To meet our clients’ requirements in improving daily life, Vietnam Manpower has been providing professional...

  • Couple Domestic Helper

    Couple Domestic Helper

    Manpower Service of Domestic Helper and Driver Couple: Best Choice for Your family