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Vietnam Manpower Successfully Supplied 40 Bulldozers and Truck Drivers for GECAT Company

On January 17th, 18th, 2016, Vietnam Manpower managed to conduct trade test for bulldozers and truck drivers that aced the interview round. The winners would work for Saudi Arabia’s reputed civil earthworks company GECAT.

A sneak peak at GECAT

Founded in 1980, GECAT is a reputed civil earthworks company in the Saudi Arabia. It has been a popular name in the construction industry in a very short time span due to integrity, engineering talent and dedication to their customers.

For over 2 decades, they have been providing their with a wide-range service with honesty and integrity. In 2011, they didn’t act as a supplier but a client whom we, Vietnam Manpower, served with placement service. That year, they partnered with us in recruiting bulldozer and grader operators. In the perspective of a client, they have been satisfied with our service, giving us a testimonial that we were really much appreciated. In the words of the testimonial, “we are satisfied with their assistance and professional services and wish them all success and look forward to an ongoing association.”

The trust has led them to the partnership with us in January 2016


Recruitment campaign for GECAT in January 2016

We tried to take best care of each and every recruitment steps. GECAT needed a possibly most qualified supply of 40 bulldozers and truck drivers from us.

         ♦ Recruitment planning

Based on interests and requirements of GECAT for these positions, we drafted a comprehensive job specification for the positions, outlining their major and minor responsibilities; the qualifications, skills and experience needed; level of pay; mention of working conditions.

        ♦ Strategy development:

Next, we developed a suitable strategy for hiring the candidates for these positions. Specifically, we took into account what type of recruitment method to be utilized, what geographical area be considered for searching the candidates, where to post job ads, etc.

       ♦ Searching

We posted ads in the local, national newspaper, television, our vocational training systems and our local sub-recruitment agencies to gather applications of interested and qualified people. Also, we utilized our up-to-date database of potential candidates with full information about their skills, qualifications and experience.

       ♦ Shortlisting

Applications were then shortlisted based on eligibility and suitability. Aside from the candidates’ competencies and experience, we gave special focus on their heath state. This will be important if they are chosen and working in a new country. Having adequate health (both physically and mentally) is also one of the important traits we paid attention to during the interview and trade test. Those with good working experience for these jobs in UAE were prioritized.

     ♦ Interview and trade test by client

With shortlisted candidates, we arranged the time for GECAT’s representative to visit Vietnam for interview and trade test. As scheduled, the trade test took place on 17th, 18th in January 2016. Candidates gathered at the test location arranged by Vietnam Manpower. They took a nice photo, smiled and were arm in arm together to become calmer and more confident before the trade test.


The GECAT’s representatives and Vietnam Manpower’s persons-in-charge got ready for evaluating the performance of candidates in the trade test.


The trade test started. Candidates did their best to show their skills and rock the test.



The test ended with most suitable candidates selected.



The winners looked so proud.


While employers smiled because they found out qualified candidates, candidates smiled because they passed the test successfully and got a nice job. They had different reasons to smile though, the smiles are all so satisfying.