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Hotline: (+84) 949 594 116
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Local Recruitment

Local Recruitment

Local Recruitment Process

At , We utilize our staffs and our resources to achieve our ’ goals. 

Our formalized recruitment methodology supports our quality commitment to our Clients. Our service teams understand recruiting to be a critical function and a key driver in the success of both our company- Vietnam Manpower and our customers.

Understanding client requirements is one of the most important things in any business, especially in the recruitment solutions business. The success of Vietnam Manpower in recruitment not only for but also for the whole recruitment service is to understand and anticipate the recruiting need of clients.

We combine the knowledge gained from regular meetings with clients, our internal service team members, Vietnam Manpower’s job applicants, and industry trends to build a knowledge base of skills required and the market availability of those skills.

Vietnam Manpower’s recruiting programs utilize a variety of sources to attract candidates. The following summarizes a few of our applicant sources:


  • Internet Recruitment –  Our database and several leading job boards attracting a huge pool of candidates
  • Referral Programs
  • Job Fairs – Vietnam Manpower can recruit and interview large numbers of candidates in a short period.
  • On-Campus Recruitment – Local colleges, universities, s and professional organizations keep us connected to dynamic talent pools.
  • Remote and Rural Area Recruitment- With the general labor demand, Vietnam Manpower can recruit a large number of workers thanks to the network throughout Vietnam territory

To learn more about our candidates, or how our expert  can benefit you, today and find out how hiring the right people can make all the difference.

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