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Maintenance & Cleaning Staff

Unlike sales units work face-to-face with customers every day, maintenance and cleaning employees are silent contributor to the smooth operation of any retail business. They are in charge of keeping all facilities (maintenance staff) and the ground (cleaning staff) in the best conditions to use. Here are some positions we often supply:

- Maintenance Manager

- Electrician

- Plumber

- HVAC Technician

- Firefighting System Technician

- CCTV Technician

- Facilities Maintenance Technician

- Cleaner

Vietnam CCTV Installation Technician

 CCTV Installation Technician

Vietnam  CCTV Technician

CCTV Technician

Vietnam Electrician


Vietnam HVAC Technician

HVAC Technician

Vietnam Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager

vietnam Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technician

Vietnam Plumber


Vietnam Supermarket Cleaner

Supermarket Cleaner

vietnam Firefighter