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Oil and Gas manpower

Oil and Gas manpower

Refining, Petrochemical and Oil Manpower

As the leading manpower recruitment agency in refinery process treatments, fuel additives, petrochemical processes and oil services in Vietnam, we understand that refining and petrochemical operations are more challenging than ever. Therefor, we, provide skilled and experienced oil and gas workers to help have the best human resource to meet the requirement of international growing demands. These are some types of workers in this sector:

  • Oil Technical/ Storage Manager
  • Mechanical Supervisor/Tech
  • Pipeline Operator
  • Refinery/Plant Operator
  • Coil Tubing

Coil Tubing manpower in refining oil industry

Coil Tubing

 Mechanical Supervisor in Refinery Process

Mechanical supervisor

 Oil Technical Staff

Oil Technician

 Pipeline Operator supplied from Vietnam

Pipeline Operator

Refining petrochemical and oil services staffs

Refining, petrochemical and Oil Service Staffs