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3 “simple but effective” principles that managers should apply

admin August 15, 2015

Have you heard about “ waste basket”, “fish market” and “way lost” which can bring you the magical conduction experience?

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A lot of entrepreneurs, organizations and employers have difficulty in operating and developing the company. The most popular questions are how to deal with multiple problems, how to create business culture to boost the work productivity, or what to do when facing obstacles?, etc, always exist with the Managers and Leaders. Many management theories can help create stereotypes, but have you ever seen the theories in the majority of the Business Schools are hard to applying because of their perfection? You can see even to be adopted, but the results are not really what you expected? Actual observation will give you the real answers with a higher successful rate. Have you heard about “ waste basket”, “fish market” and  “way lost” which can bring you the magical conduction experience? Let’s check out how they work:

1. Waste Basket Management Approach


Are you wondering how waste basket relates to management? Have you seen the recycle bin in the sidewalk? In moderation, they will be cleaned after 1 or 2 days. What will happen if no one clean it up? Obviously, more environmental pollution, space occupied, maybe even have to pay a punishment fee, if it encounters the bad weather which may cause a spreading consequence ... are what can be seen. And the necessity of the garbage dumping is keeping on a fixed schedule, garbage must be removed from the Basket, whether it has little or lots of junks that time.

Back to management aspect, after a certain time, you necessarily need to finish some work, even how the solutions or the problems. If not, you would probably come to a standstill for your operation activities: increased costs, and face the consequences spreaded by stretching.

This principle is called Waste Basket Management Approach, originated from Japan and very suitable for enterprises and development organizations in the project model.

2. Fish Market Approach

Fishes are the favorable food of many people. The freshest fishes are sold in the fish market, a place where you could smell fishy, of course, and not to mention swampy. But there is something needs your attention: fishmonger, who are always jolly, friendly with the buyers. In a health condition after encountering a long night at sea, lack of sleep and energy, what makes them maintain these smiles. The simple answer is they love their job, their ship, the waves and salty of the sea too.


Create the Fish Market Company culture, which means assemble members who have the actual love for their job, company and ready to share the benefit and the difficult time. This spirit could be spread all over your team and more. This model is originated from The USA, according to the observation of a real fish market at Seattle, and be applied in many organizations.


3. Way lost Approach.


What will you do when you lost in a forest at night? After 2 -3 hours trying to find the way, you’ll be exhausted, scared, and crying?


Don’t do that, consider the most positive way to try once again, if it’s not the right one, find a place to sleep until morning. It’s just like when a manager meets a hard obstacle without any solutions or nothing is convenient for you, lack of vision, the smart choice is pausing. In the morning when you gain your strength, spirit and the light to see everything clearly, you might easy to find your way or meet someone.


Similarly, with a better visibility, situation, and lucid thinking, the decision will make an accurate, efficient decision and finish problems.

Way Lost Approach is inspired from Tibet where a lot of mountains and forests prevent your way. This principle is very effective in the case of lacking of information, limited vision or suffering in a very difficult situation.

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