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4 notes when managing human resources in small companies

admin August 12, 2022

Human resource management is an important issue for any company, including small and medium enterprises. However, in order for human resource management to be most effective, companies need to take some notes during the implementation process.

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Design training programs, work route orientation & development

This is one of the goals that companies must focus on and build in the most professional way. Designing a reasonable training program to help improve skills, knowledge, as well as soft skills for employees, thereby increasing work efficiency.

The job roadmap, the skill framework is the guideline for employees to develop their career path. The right path will help retain talent, reduce turnover, help employees see their potential and strive to pursue personal development. Orientation career development roadmap includes:

- The most complete description of the requirements for skills and qualifications for each position

- Identify benchmark performance from top employees to set the stage for other positions

- Combined with a suitable training program to improve the quality of employees and leaders

4 notes when managing human resources in small companies

Competency-based assessment with a transparent tool to measure and evaluate HR performance & work efficiency

The evaluation of employee's capacity is essentially the process by which the enterprise recognizes and reviews the work process, the level of work completion and compares the work performance of each employee according to the measurement tools.

A popular measurement tool to evaluate job performance is KPI (Key Performance Indicator) which is expressed through figures, ratios, quantification, …

The assessment of human resource effectiveness as well as work efficiency in human resource management in small businesses helps companies have more bases for planning development, business and human resource development. The evaluation criteria commonly used in personnel evaluation include:

Working attitude at the company is based on respect for superiors, good communication and friendliness with colleagues, always gentle and polite attitude towards customers. In addition, the employee's personality can be assessed such as honesty, enthusiasm, always completing work well, punctuality, diligence, …

Job completion performance is a very important criterion to evaluate an employee in the working process. A good human resource must be a responsible person who always tries to fulfill the set goals.

The honesty of employees at work will always be loved and respected by their superiors and colleagues, since then they will be trusted to entrust important tasks. This is a factor that employers attach great importance to when recruiting personnel.

Problem-solving ability is one of the criteria to evaluate an employee's ability. Regardless of position, the skill of solving situations, arising problems to complete the job is always valued and highly appreciated.

The policy of reward and punishment is clear

From the evaluation of human resource efficiency through work performance, the level of goal completion will help companies have the most objective basis to establish a fair and reasonable salary and bonus policy to bring satisfaction to employees.

For employees, the reward policy helps employees feel valued and engaged with the organization when their contributions are appreciated and recognized.

For companies, employee rewards help promote employee engagement, and good feedback on remuneration policies also helps improve the reputation of the business.

Regularly actively listen and share to grasp the needs of employees and adjust policies accordingly

Human resources are the company's greatest asset. Therefore, regularly actively listening, sharing and grasping the needs of employees will help business leaders know the problems that employees are facing, remove misunderstandings, and orient employees more clearly, company vision and goals.

This is also a way to help companies maintain a high level of work spirit, loyalty and work productivity are also higher, increasing the company's engagement rate. The appropriate and flexible policy adjustment also increases employee satisfaction and long-term commitment.

Hopefully, through the above notes, companies will gain more experience and knowledge in human resource management in small businesses, avoid mistakes and inappropriate HR policies. Thereby bringing business efficiency as well as increasing the reputation of the business.

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