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8 leadership functions needed to run a company

admin August 02, 2022

Anyone can be a leader, but being a good leader, leading your team to its goals and to success is challenging and sometimes requires a bit of natural talent. To work towards team goals, it is important to understand the functions of leadership well.

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The leader has the function of establishing the organization and activities of his subordinates in a reasonable way; know how to take advantage of the strengths and advantages of individuals to optimize the performance of the collective. This is one of the most important and essential leadership functions.

8 leadership functions needed to run a company

Set goals

Setting goals for the organization in general and members in particular is also one of the separate functions and makes the difference of a leader compared to other employees. This helps encourage employees to work confidently and productively if done properly.

In addition, the leader is also responsible for developing a roadmap for members to ensure the future and direction of them and the organization. Team activities are built on a foundation of goal-oriented and roadmap-based leadership, so it's a step that can't go wrong, or it will affect the future of many parties.


An important function of a leader's checklist is policy making. They set out rules that need to be followed in order to work together effectively on common team projects. By making policy, leaders also set the mechanism for team members to work towards the common goals and interests of the organization.

Offer an idea

This is one of the driving forces for the team to grow and generate profits. Confidently sharing their creative ideas helps leaders set an example, encourage their subordinates to think, respect individual freedom, and continue to freely share good ideas for your organization.

Building cooperation in the collective

A principle in the leader's activities is to associate the interests of employees with the organization, this is the foundation for directing individuals to work and voluntarily contribute to the collective towards common goals, with relaxed and unrestricted.

Motivating and directing employees

As a function related to employee morale, motivation and direction is a necessity in a team if the team members want to ensure cohesion with the company. Leaders are responsible for evaluating work, providing support when required, and motivating team members to work towards achieving common goals.

Bridge between employees and management

Specifically, the team leader is responsible for explaining the policies and rules to team members, ensuring they understand the contents and understand the benefits they bring. On the contrary, leaders also need to address the expectations and requirements of subordinates, as well as gain their rights in unwanted conflicts that occur at work.

How to do a good leadership function and become a good leader?

Listening is the key to every problem

A good leader needs to know the skills of listening and understanding the problems of team members to share and try to solve the problem in the most thorough way.

Be disciplined

The leader is not only the locomotive of the organization, but also can be an example for the subordinates to learn, and the absorption of negativity is absolutely inevitable, so the leader needs to be well prepared in every situation. work, both at work and in life, stay positive and communicate well with your employees.

8 leadership functions needed to run a company

Beware of potential dangers

Many examples around the world throughout history have shown that good leaders often have a strategic vision and have great foresight and grasp of the situation. Specifically in the business, seeing the team's growth and business opportunities as well as identifying potential problems that may arise such as conflict and low productivity among employees will help to act promptly and proactively offer solutions.

Actively raise and receive comments

As a good leader, receiving feedback is just as important as giving it. Timely contributing ideas and proactively overcoming your own weaknesses will bring efficiency in the team and achieve higher work performance in the team.

The leadership function can be considered as the locomotive of business operation and development, an indispensable factor in the company's development motivation. Good performance of leadership functions helps the team to unite and operate effectively, thereby achieving the goals and successes set out at the beginning.

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