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Boosting Your Employees' Morale in the Winter Months

admin November 17, 2015

Let’s face it! Summer is sadly over and you still have a long, strict winter months ahead to get through. The winter blues may create a big impact to your moods and your whole office productivity too

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Have you already felt it so hard to fight with yourself to wake up in the morning? Or is coffee now becoming your haunting? No more vacation to look forward. You have realized that it’s time to go back to your business. Your employees may inevitably feel the struggle and discourage when facing a low morale. What should you do to improve their mental and make them focus on work?

1. Light up your work environment

Summer is going to an end and sound like so is the fun. In fact, it’s not necessary to be dull because don’t forget winter is the season of holidays. There’s Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, and more. Start it by decorating your office with light and talk about some costume days. This may bring some creative spirit to your staffs and do not expect a high efficient job if you let them work in a pretty gloomy environment.




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2. Encourage some breaks

After the summer vacation, they probably don’t get used to sitting still hours over hours. Allow them take some short breaks throughout the day, when they could walking around and shot the breeze with co-workers in a few minutes, stay away from the computer to relax their eyes and mind.

3. Turn up the tunes

According to a survey, 77% of businesses admit playing music in the workplace could actually increase staff morale and improve the atmosphere as well. A song list can add some good attitude and make them concentrate more on their work without wasting any money.




4. Create flexible scheduling.

Instead of following a fix and jam-packed schedule as usual, you should try allowing your staff leave the office a little earlier on Friday afternoon or come a bit late in the morning. They will be grateful for it and still finish their tasks.

5. Reward employees




They don’t need to bring a big contract or save your life to deserve to be appreciated. Rewarding your employees is one of the easiest ways to boost the productivity, morale and keep them staying at your company longer – when they feel recognized. Completing a project, bring a new talent or sometimes just simple like make their job done in time are the reason to be rewarded.

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