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Hiring Improvement Tips: Listen to what candidates say behind your back

admin September 09, 2015

79% of recruiters admit that the labor market nowadays is driven by candidates. Hiring manager is actually not the one who makes the decision in an interview, but candidates: How candidates show up in the interview, the way they sell yourself and the performance of recruiters. You might think the mission of recruiters is only to ask some questions and make it difficult for candidates, but it is the other way to express the phrase: your company brand. “Your brand is what people say about you when you leave the room.”

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Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of defined company branding. Do not let your image and culture becomes ugly in the potential employees by starting hearing what job candidates wouldn’t reveal directly to you and how to fix it.

  • “I’m still vague about this job”

Maybe your job description is focusing on the skills. abilities and experience of candidates needed for the job more than the responsibility and activities from the actual job. The common description and guidelines could make candidates lost the clue and feel uncertain to decide to take the offer or not.


What to do: Change the way you write the job description for different positions and put it in candidate’s shoes and give them the information needs. When you have the short-list, give them the chance to talk to an employee in the same positions (which is frankly and transparent conversation) to create the most vividly images about what they have to do and what needs self- improvement

  • “Don’t waste my time. It is valuable, too”

As a recruiter, have you ever late to an interview without informing in advance. The candidate probably politely replies something as It’s okay, I understand you’re busy” but they don’t. Being late just like you send a message that you think their time is not valuable as yours and your company culture about timing is unnecessary.


What to do: Planning a suitable time gap between different interviews and schedule. If there is something unexpected make you late, make sure contact the candidate about it and indicate how long you’ll be.

  • “Why you need my CV if you don’t read it before the interview”

How do you feel when an applicant attend to an interview without preparing anything and knowing nothing about your company? It’s going to be a disappointed, isn’t it?  In reverse, it’s still true. There is going to be an awkward situation for both of you when you haven’t prepared to the interview (“What job are you applying again?”)

What to do: Screen at least 15 minutes before the interview and bookmark the potential candidates. Prepare different special questions for each position besides the common and “you-know-what” questions.

  • “We’ll get back to you in a few weeks……NOT!”


It seems like the most typical sentence to end any interview. But not all the company or recruiters will do it. Many people have encountered the feeling of exhausted waiting their result.

What to do: Don’t think they are not appropriate to your company so you don’t need to answer them. One day, they probably become your customers. A short phone call or email just to say thanks for applying but they were not chosen and hope they will apply in the next recruitment campaign or other position, will create a good impression about culture and professional of the company.

These days, it’s not that hard to listening what people are talking behind your back because they usually use social media to express their thought, not rooftops. Just one negative status about you or your company could be viral and has a big affection to your brand. Fortunately, you can take this advantage to broad your company good and  positive sides. Like they said “Word of mouth is the best medium of all”

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