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How to keep productive when you are in sleep deprivation

admin September 03, 2015

Most people need 7 to 9 hours every day to sleep. There is no doubt that sleep deprivation has a big impact to your job performance. Did you always see yourself need a cup of coffee to join the rest of society activities? You are not alone.

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According to a recent survey of Inc., a third of U.S. workers only sleep less than 6 hours per night and it cost more than $63 billion as a consequence of reducing productivity. Is there any better alternative? Take a look at our solutions below.


How does sleep affect your health and productivity?

Get enough of sleep will keep you feel sufficiently relax and full of energy. While sleepless is harm to your brain, which slows your process information function, reduces your creative ability, creates a state of being irritable and memory lapses or loss.

Stay a good job performance at work when lacking sleep

1. Talking to other


One of the secrets to awake your brain function is communication. Engage another person in a conversation makes you have to operate some physical gesture and emotion such as: listen to the story, how to respond, evoke other related anecdotes. Spend from 30 minutes to an hour on some small talks with your friends or co-workers will make the rest of the day be more efficiently.

2. Drinking water

Too much coffee is not good for your health, but water both is good for you and keeps you stay awake. Recommended by doctors, 2 cups of water are perfect to gives your body cell a kickstart. Coffee includes caffeine leading dehydrated symptom while with water, you will be fresh, clear your mind and more active.

3. Surround your job environment with the smell of coffee


It is not necessary to drink coffee to be productive. Some studies actually proved that smell of coffee have a certain influence to brain’s ignition and make you happier. As you know, happier means more productive.

4. Writing

Whenever you feel tired and want to sleep, grab a pen and start writing. You could even move your body around for a little bit to get your thoughts flowing fluently and boost some creative ideas. Try to start with the first thing in your head or whatever you just thinking of at that time. It’s an easy and prompt way to do, isn’t it?

5. Choose the right kind of background music


If you want to keep concentrating on something like reading, writing or editing, turn on your favorite song seems to be a bad choice. It could help you feel sober but lose the focus. In this situation, simple instrument music is a good solution. Having a bit of consistent background noise arouses the brain without lost the track or overloading it

How about you?  Do you have any other ways to keep productive at work in sleep deprivation? How about their effects? Share with us!

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