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Human resources management: When machine is replacing human…

admin July 01, 2015

With the fast development of science and technology, how the personnel department in the company will change?

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Many businesses already create a combine environment between people and robot. In a research in 2013 of Carl Frey and Micheal Osborne from Oxford, about 702 jobs in The USA, a hidden risk is machine will replace people in 10 to 20 years. As a result, 47% of employees who right now is working in these kind of jobs will suffer from a high risk and 19% will meet a medium risk. Through this figure, what is the next mission of human resources?

A new duty

When the workforce is shrinking according to the prediction above, it’s time to have a nature knowledge of what work only people can do, not robots. It could be the jobs requiring the perception, adaptation, creative thinking, innovation, complex problem-solving skills, judgment, and requiring high society ratio and EQ. This new demand does not easily get by comprehending job skills as the way it was, but totally a new way. To develop this brand new human resources type, there are 2 obstacles we have to overcome.


Challenge from human development.

A science research in the lately 25 years about psychology, economy, and education outlined the portrait of the employee above. But there are a lot of barricades we have to deal with.

First is the laziness entrenched in our society, which blinds us before the idea and limits our thinking. We usually deny what conflicts with our faith and prejudice.

Our emotion is also another reason. In emotional perspective, we usually deny, self-protection and avoid the upcoming challenges. The fear is a mentality almost everybody would have when they think about the renew, innovation. They’re fear of failure, fear of their pathetic appearance and fear of losing their jobs.


Learn to take criticism gracefully will provide you a valuable lesson about what other expects from you, your weakness, and what you need to improve first. If a boss or coworker criticizes you in a way that was hurt or anger you, wait until you cool/ calm down and ask them if you can talk to them. Tell them how you feel, and that you would like to fix the issues and figure out what needs changing.

Challenge from work environment

Learn how to think in an innovative and breakthrough way, with the spirit of cooperation, understanding, acknowledge the feedback, have peace instead of reacting aggressively, requiring a more special work environment. Every office should have its own regulations based on the particular job, the boss put out and also performs as an example for employees to follow. Ensure punctuality, no private work, anyone can express their opinion...That was a new mission of personnel department and the administrator of the company.

Psychology is an important part of management science. You should always put yourself in their shoes to consider the problems. Never give direction like a command. Your employees are not the machines and you definitely do not want them to work in an emotionless way.

In response to new mission


There’re some successful places for this new mission. The staff, including senior management, engaged in dissecting the problems, pushing the thinking to the extent when problems are recognized in the most objective level. That means in some jobs, machines will replace humans, but humans will change and develop themselves to fit the work that machines cannot. New problems are in each specific business, how to the divide this line and who is going to define them. These are the vital nature of the business strategy and the new personnel mission gradually parted

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