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Job sharing: The next trend in the “share economy”

admin August 24, 2015

With the development of collaborative consumption and rising of the Empires like Uber, Airbnb, where people could take advantage of something they are not using such as a car, house to a stranger rents. Catching up with this trend, the labor market has created a new work method with standout benefits: Job Sharing.

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What is Job Sharing?

According to US Department of Labor “Job Sharing means two (or more) workers share the duties of one full-time job, each working part time, or two or more workers who have unrelated part-time assignments share the same budget line”.


Don’t misunderstand job sharing as two people doing a part-time job, but they do one job, one mission change-over with the agreement between the boss and these employees.

Which challenges will you have to face?

Job sharing requires the pioneers have to face some challenges without any models to emulate. First to mention, to two-person work well and spend all of their working time to complete the same targets, they have to get along with each other. If there are any doubts about the other support or productivity and abilities, the conflicts are inevitable. Job sharing needs the willingness to overcome the differences in personality, ego, and method to reach the best results. 


Job Share requires people to take time for strategizing their methods to work together

Equally significant, for one reason or another, the job sharing relationship is hard to last forever. For example, one of the sharers may find this job is no longer attract him and decide to choose a new path for the career. In some cases, when their kids have grown up and they want to get back with full-time jobs and don’t need anyone to share with.

But at the end of the day, all employers have agreed that the advantages exceed the above disadvantages.

What will employers and employees gain?

# High productivity.

The working hours flexible will make employees have more energy and work-life balance as well as the sense of creative, which help boost their job performance.

# Work-life balance.

With someone to share the work burden and stress, you could spend more time on your family or yourself, do what you like.


# A new way to improve human resources

Teaming a new employee and a current one is a way to train company workforce. Working in a new position and method could be an attractive way to recruit the potential candidates.

# Loyalty

Job sharing demands a strong sense of accountability attached between the partners. If it works out, they will feel empathy, create the opportunity for loyalty develops – loyal to each other and loyal to their employer.

    In a nutshell, not all kind of jobs could be sharing, which depends on their features. But with these benefits above, it’s worth to employers try to apply this new method for their companies and receive the unexpected results.

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