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  • Maintenance & Cleaning Staff

    Maintenance & Cleaning Staff

    Unlike sales units work face-to-face with customers every day, maintenance and cleaning employees are silent contributor to the smooth operation of any retail business

  • Metal Working& Electronic Manpower

    Metal Working& Electronic Manpower

    Metal working & Electronic sector is particularly important for the development of economic because it is an industry that produces machinery and equipment to provide to other economic sectors.

  • Drilling Manpower

    Drilling Manpower

    Drilling is one of major sector in oil and gas service that we supply. Our drillers are responsible for moving, setting up and operating drilling rigs and related equipment to drill holes for mineral...

  • Textile & Footwear Manpower

    Textile & Footwear Manpower

    World’s textile and footwear sector has seen fast and sustainable growth over the past years. Nowadays, a large amount of factories has been opened in the world to serve this industry. In addition,...

  • Hotel & Resort Staffs

    Hotel & Resort Staffs

    Hotel & resort are large areas in hospitality industry that require diversity in employees. Vietnam Manpower supplies manpower for following positions:

  • Refining, Petrochemical and Oil Manpower

    Refining, Petrochemical and Oil Manpower

    As the leading manpower recruitment agency in refinery process treatments, fuel additives, petrochemical processes and oil services in Vietnam, we understand that refining and petrochemical...

  • Horticulture Workers

    Horticulture Workers

    Horticulture workers, Whose work related to design, develop, maintain and remodels gardens and landscapes of private and business residences. They use a wide range of gardening skills to create a...

  • Production and Maintenance Manpower

    Production and Maintenance Manpower

    In oil & gas industry, production & maintenance is one of the important stages because this stage finishes the exploitation process and creating product.