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Should you change your job or not?

admin February 04, 2015

Changing career is no longer a strange phenomenon anymore. Many people can switch job a dozen times by many different reasons: because of a better opportunity, not match with the boss, because the salary of new company is too attractive ...

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This era is no longer exist people lifelong adherence to only one company, such as our grandparents or parents. However, what will the job seekers gain or lose if they change their career? Consider these advantages and disadvantages aggregated by  :
1. Could be evaluated as an experience candidate:
Candidates with work experience in a couple of places that can be considered as high experienced and able to adapt to variety of work environments. If presenting a series of work that you have charge of many different companies, you will become more "potential" than the other competitors only work for a company. 
Compared with them, you have a lot of knowledge and experience in different industries and training programs.
2. Gain achievements in many fields:
If you know how to highlight the accomplishments you have achieved in each of the previous company, you will convince the employer that you are the right person for the position. So, let the employer know you have contributed to previous company achieved noticeable results, which enhances your value in the eyes of employers.
3. To be seen as a progressive spirit person:
Many employers understand and accept the point of views that change job is the way to learn new knowledge and experience to improve rapidly on their career path. In general, the positive opinion, employers rated the alterable job people have progressive spirit because they cannot stay in a company that does not give them the opportunity to develop their career.
- Do not list the name of the company you worked where you do not achieve any outstanding performances.
- Proof of your previous experience may be helpful for the job you're applying for.
Career change itself would not lead to negative consequences if you do not write in your CV that you change job 5-6 times per year. Jumping on "dizziness" pace, you will be named as:
1. "The Grass is always Greener on the other side of the fence"
Many job seekers do not know the fact that the employer is "ignore" who have changed job to the 4-5 company in one year. 
They could be seen as an easily accepted for a job and give up for a better chance. In other words, they are disloyal and untrustworthy.
2. "There is the problem in professional or personality”
Employers would put a question mark for candidates who change jobs too frequent "Would this candidate have the ability to work well? Could it because of their professional problems so previous companies did not accept them? Which characteristics could make the old company intolerant? "
3. Difficult to get along with colleagues and surrounding environment:
A list of series position you have held could make employers think that you hardly get along with colleagues and the surrounding environment. Whenever does not fit Mr. A or Ms. B, you will leave the company. 
You should mention in the CV that you worked for a company for a long time, at least 2 to 3 years.

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