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The importance of corporate culture that CEOs need to know

admin April 04, 2022

Organizational culture is not only important for employee engagement and performance. For organizations, culture is also the spiritual life, the foundation for the organization to exist and develop in all aspects.

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Corporate culture, also known as organizational culture. It can be understood simply, it is a set of values ​​and standards built up during the existence and development of an enterprise. These values ​​and standards will govern the entire thinking, behavior and perception of each member of the enterprise.

This culture is reflected in the company's vision and mission, management style, employee benefits, customer satisfaction and many other aspects.

If each organization is a person, then culture is the soul that has role to govern the entire life and development of that organization.

Build and spread brand identity

Employees are the ones who interact with customers, as well as directly express the brand identity of the business to the outside. Happy employees, dedicated to work, always looking for ways to solve problems as quickly as possible will leave a good impression in the hearts of customers. To have such a team of employees, enterprises need to build a great working environment as well as spread core values ​​to each employee.

A CEO at Walmart, the world's leading retail group, told the Harvard Business Review that Walmart is starting to look at how much money it has saved its customers - instead of calculating how much Walmart has saved. how much earn. This culture will impress customers, create a good image of Walmart through the way employees advise and take care of them when making purchases.

The importance of corporate culture that CEOs need to know

Attract and retain talent

In the US, 35% of employees say they would turn down a job offer from HR if the company culture didn't appeal to them. Corporate culture is one of the first things candidates learn when preparing to apply. To create a competitive advantage in the recruitment market, the transmission and expression of organizational culture through brand identity is indispensable.

More important than attracting candidates is retaining talent. People who are good at their jobs and know their values ​​are not likely to indulge in a negative work environment where they feel unappreciated. In contrast, good people will tend to stick around for a long time if they feel connected to the business through common values ​​and goals at work.

Help new employees integrate easily

More and more enterprises are focusing on new employee training programs. Through the transmission of core values, goals, and business orientations clearly initially, employees will quickly grasp the job as well as integrate into the new environment.

In contrast, new employees often tend to lose motivation and confidence in the business if exposed to a fragmented culture and vague orientations.

Improve labor productivity

Company culture regulates how the management treats employees, develops employee welfare policies, and creates a working environment. All of these affect employee satisfaction with the organization. Happy employees increase productivity by up to 12%, while unhappy employees reduce productivity by 10%.

When employees have the necessary resources and tools, their productivity will improve dramatically.

The importance of corporate culture that CEOs need to know

Enhance interaction, solidarity and effectiveness of teamwork

A sustainable culture helps bring people together. Although each employee has different personalities and views, organizational culture gives everyone a common goal. Those clear goals play an important role in guiding the working processes of the departments, overcoming ambiguities about work as well as easily making final decisions.

Create an ideal working environment

Every individual has different personality . Corporate culture helps connect people with different personalities, living and working styles. When members work together to build corporate culture, the working environment will be better and better. From there, we can build a strong team, a comfortable and healthy working environment.

Above are some analyzes that show what corporate culture is, as well as the importance of building corporate culture, especially for employees - the most important resource of an organization.

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