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The real picture of a businessman. Are you over idealizing?

admin May 26, 2015

Become a boss is a dream of so many people. However, behind that flashy image we used to see, they usually face many issues.

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Being a boss means that the dream of escaping from “for hire” label and to build ther own business has come true. This thought obsesses them in a long-term of their life. But, the ugly truth below could make us disillusion.


There is a sad fact that 90% of start-up failed after only a few years of operation. Maybe successful stories of Amazon or Zappos will inspire you and motive you to do something. Remember to be careful and discreet before make any decisions.

Passion is not enough: I know I’ve heard like a thousand times the word “passion is the key to success”.


Many years of hard-working: The mission of an employer is build and manage business work in a carefully, accurate way day by day, even year by year. Become your self-employed means you have ready to work multiple times harder than the other.

Your life is isolated: Sometimes, thinking about being free to work, manage in your own way is interesting and fascinated. But at one point, you will feel stress and even lonely. Working in other company, you have a colleague network to share responsibility, exchange thought and make decisions together. The loneliness, even being isolated is a major issue of many entrepreneurs.

To lead the others, you have to control yourself: In almost company nowadays, employer only give an idea, employee will perform it. Do you know that the less employees you have, the more successful chances you reach? Your knowledge and talent are the keys to lead company to success.

Only way to be rich: This is a completely wrong conception. A lot of roads could help you create a huge asset. There is no “the only way”.


Confident crisis: Most of businessmen are confident, which probably could lose when facing with the burden of money and responsibility.

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