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10 Funny job descriptions. Describe your job to us!

admin July 06, 2015

The creator of the Dilbert comic strip asked the visitors to website to describe their job in only one sentence. Here are some funny responses received from the website and our readers

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1. Consultant

"Show up although nobody call and get paid for the answer they have known as well as a question they never asked"


2. Civil Engineer

"Draw up plans which will not be built according  to them"


  3. Flight attendant

"Be So Fly!"

4. Lifeguard

"Ensure that stupid people stay in the gene pool"

5. Pilot

"Only looking out the window"

6. Recruiter

7. Security guard

"Run away and Call the police"

8. Statistician


 9. Student

"Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V"

10. University Professor

So, why don’t you share with us what is your job?

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