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3B tips in building a recuitment strategy: buy, build and borrow

admin June 23, 2022

Normally, there will be 3 options for companies that are in need of talent: "BUY - BUY", "BUILD - TRAIN" AND "BORROW - LENT". We can understand this 3B trick as follows. _ "BUY - BUY" - Recruiting personnel. _ “BUILD - TRAINING” - Train employees to take on new roles. _ “BORROW - LOAN” - Hire a freelancer or consultant to implement the project. However, each trick has its strengths and weaknesses.

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3B tips in building a recuitment strategy: buy, build and borrow

Use “BUY” to find talent:

One of the inherent benefits of recruiting talent is that companies can add skills and experiences that companies are lacking. If the business is planning to develop a new project or expand its scale, it will obviously need experienced management levels to coordinate.

In addition, recruiting more personnel is like blowing a new wind into the companies, which can bring out more aspects as well as new perspectives.

It is a fact in business that today's developed businesses are thanks to the renewed human resources so that companies can adapt to the trend and develop to new heights.

Cultural disadvantage, even if the business has a reputable recruitment brand, new people may not be able to adapt or know nothing about the specific culture of the companies.

Meeting the needs of human resources to implement the “BUILD” strategy:

Companies that want to train talent must focus on building skills and experience according to the needs of employees. This is an extremely good way to make use of the enterprise's human resources. Talent training can be less expensive than hiring new employees or outsourcing service professionals.

The employee training strategy works effectively when the human resource is stable, it is clear that the business does not want to train employees and then they leave the company. Along with training, how to retain them is another problem of the companies. Do not be afraid of being "hunted for employees" in fact, but training and developing talents is a way for companies to retain and create a close relationship between employees and companies.

The golden time to develop a strategy to train financial staff is when companies proactively solve human resource problems. Plan ahead and come up with a building strategy before you even need it.

“BORROW” Borrowing people from outside to temporarily meet staffing needs:

Instead of having to hire a full-time employee, many companies often choose to hire freelancers, contractors or outside consultants to serve the specific needs of the companies. In addition, there are contract workers, seasonal workers, part-time employees.

To implement this tactic successfully, companies need to consider “backup staff” as an essential element of their HR strategy.

However, keeping the peace between temporary and full-time employees is challenging, the benefit of this tactic is that companies always have skilled people, diverse experience and they are ready to work when asked. request. At the same time, companies can select more diverse talents and retain them.

Enterprises should maintain a connection between the two sides when implementing projects together, this is a skill that needs to be developed at all levels, the manager has a coordinating role not only in managing and operating the project but also peace between both sides of the staff.

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