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7 things you should to know to determine career goals for the new year

admin January 05, 2022

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7 things you should to know to determine career goals for the new year

Although it will be difficult to implement but defining work goals is still a good idea with many positive effects. 

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to take a look at yourself to make sure you're on the right track on your intended career path. While everyone's career goes through some different turning points, especially during 2020-2021 when the pandemic turns everything upside down, it's important to know where you are and where you want to go.

2022 will be a year of even bigger changes, so you need to think about specific career goals to be able to overcome. While this may seem like a difficult task, but in fact it’s not like that. Ask yourself these 7 questions before setting career goals and you'll be on track to a successful new year.

1. What made you most proud of the last year?

 Spend time to think about your biggest accomplishment of the last year is not only boost your mood but also put you in a positive space as you head into the new year. Reflecting on the “peak experience” is a great way to figure out the type of work and environment that bring the best benefits for you. By knowing this kind of information, you can set goals to work towards creating similar, proud achievements in the new year.

2. What have you started but haven't finished yet?

The goals which you set are only effective if you comply to them. With that mind, think about the projects or the procedure you started and did not finish in the last year. Are they ignored because you don't have much time or interest? Are they pushed aside because there are more pressing tasks? Do you want to do them in the new year or quit altogether so you can focus on something you feel is more important?

3. How many times do barriers appear at work?

 Overcoming barriers at work is a great feeling. However, when an obstacle repeatedly appears, it’s make you tired and waste a lot of time. Don't forget to define a career goal that can help you overcome these repetitive hurdles, or at least scale it down to make it easier to handle.

4. What are three things you're curious to know more about?

Whether you want to know more about the company's goals, how work is done in another department, or want to gain more knowledge, ask yourself this question to better understand the gaps you need to fill full in the new year.

“It is difficult to define career goals for the new year without enthusiasm and dedication.”

5. Did you accomplish your goals well in the previous year?

If you have accomplished your goals for the previous year, congratulations! If not, find out why you feel overwhelmed or unable to maintain your goals and workload. This will help you decide how many goals to set as well as strategies to stay on track in the new year.

Do you remember a day when you felt extremely effective (or felt unmotivated)? What did you do differently that day?

 Defining career goals in the new year can help you change your habits for the better and be more productive than ever. Think of a day when you felt the most effective last year. If there is anything different, what is it? Knowing how that day's habit or behavior affects productivity will give you great ideas on what to do every day to get the same results.

Likewise, by learning your habits and behaviors during the inefficient day, you'll know what should avoid in the future and know which habits you need to break to remain the effective at work.

6. What are 5 adjectives would you use to describe your work in the last year?

Try to not think too much about it and write down the first five things that come to mind. Do they include your feelings about your current job? Mostly positive or negative? If it's negative, you need to find a way to adjust your opinion on work or find a new job that makes you happier.

 If you had a wish that would allow you to do any job you like, what would it be? What will your working day be like?

This may seem like a funny question, but the answer will reveal a lot. Are there any similarities between your dream job and your current position? Is the job you choose similar to what you currently have or might have? Have fun answering questions and setting appropriate goals to bring your dream vision closer to reality.

7. If you could change three things in the New Year, what would they be?

 Whether it's your own performance or something related to your current job, write down three things you'd like to change in the new year. This will help you prioritize and be able to set realistic and effective goals.

Asking yourself reflective questions will help you become more aware of your interests and desires, thereby identifying career goals that align with what you want. There are some questions that will be difficult to answer, but try to write them down to identify realistic goals to make this year is your best year.

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