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5 Motivations for Vietnamese Labours to Work in Eastern Europe

admin March 25, 2020

When the workers had clear motivation to work, the employers would get the best result and labor productivity from employee’s performance.

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In recent years, via the manpower supply company for labour export, thousands of workers had gone abroad to work in the nation in Eastern Asia, Middle East, and Eastern Europe. In this article, I would like to mention in detail of the motivation from Vietnamese workers to work in Eastern Europe nations as Poland, Romania, Belarus, Ukraine, ...

1. Motivation from the stable job, wages, and income:

Motivation from the stable job, wages and income

Basing on the economic relationship between Vietnam and other countries in these areas that developed widely and upgraded, more and more opportunity of works to Vietnam workers. The transportation is fast and available, the communication channel is more popular. Then, the matter of geographical position and distance in work will no longer appear in the labour mind to choose the place to work for a long time. The most interest is about the wages, income and the work stability. Getting the information from manpower supply company and employers, the workers understand that: with their good experience and workmanship, they will have a good job, higher incomes than in Vietnam and also get the standard labour cares in Europe zone. They are willing to work in these countries where the work is stable and they can show the best performance, in each month, they get the good income from work. These are the result of their hard working in the days that the labours were far from hometown and country.

2. The workmanship of worker: the level affirmation to the friend, family, and society.

Workmanship of worker: the level affirmation to the friend, family and society

Certainly, in order to work in the projects, factories in the common Europe zone, as well as Eastern Europe nations, the manpower supply company, had chosen the standard workers carefully to supply for the employers, the selected workers must be hard working, eagle to learn and good English of communication besides the basic requirement as good workmanship and experience. In the examination and check of the knowledge and workmanship, the passed candidates will be chosen, they are better than the normal rest, they are proud of their try with the family, friend, and society. After few months, they will work on the project, factories in Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Russia... The level and workmanship of Vietnam workers will be confirmed, and it will be the advantages for their future jobs after completing the work period in these countries where the industries of mechanic, shipyard, building, installation are standard and perfect.

3. From the nations where the workers are willing to work:

From the nations where the workers are willing to work

With the stable politics and economy, to be the member of Europe Union: are the basic values that Eastern Europe countries have had in the recent years. From one unified Europe, multinational corporations had set up new factories, projects in these countries, the investment also contributed the economic growth, the demand for human resource and workers.

Moreover, Vietnamese communities in Eastern Europe Countries have had the stable life, integrated into the culture in each country. With their human nature of friendship, hardworking, Vietnamese living and working here would be the foundation of encouraging the newcomers, new workers. It is very simple to show the example that Vietnamese come back their country and tell the truth of life and work in these Eastern Europe countries to their friend, closet relationship, then, the others believe more about the future when they work in those places.

4. From the belief in the good relationship in country corporation history:

From the belief in good relationship in country corporation history

In the last century, Russia and Eastern Europe nations had supported Vietnam Socialist country in the struggle for national independence, peace, and development. There were many projects and construction works that set up, supported and transferred during the period, the experts from these countries had trained, guided Vietnamese workers to control and manage the works carefully. It is really true as say: the friend supported you to passed the difficult position always be the best friend. In the recent years, the economic relationship between Vietnam and these countries have upgraded and developed widely, there are more and more investment projects in Vietnam, and have also more Vietnamese study, work and live in these countries. In certainly, the relationship between the job and wage is the first thing to consider from the workers who prepare to go to work abroad. But, hidden deep in this: the hard working of Vietnamese workers in coming jobs is the most sincere thanks for the support and help from the friends in Eastern Europe countries in the previous years.

5. From the whole-hearted guide and warmly smile of the employers and Embassy staff in Vietnam:

From the whole-hearted guide and warmly smile of the employers and Embassy staff in Vietnam

When the representative of corporation and employer come to Vietnam to check the skills of welders, fitters, foremen ... for the order of manpower, besides the professional work, it also showed the friendship and sincere between the candidates and the employer. They exchange the works, experience, and tasks openly. This surely brings the efficiency in work because these selected candidates will get acquainted with the work environment.

Now, the differences in culture, food or poetry, song make up a small proportion of the large scale of adaptation and collaboration in the workplace.

And when the representative of the labor export company take the selected workers to complete the visa procedures at the embassies of Eastern Europe countries in Vietnam, they received the warm smile and carefully instructions to complete the documents quickly. Because both sides believe in the success of works and relationships that grown stably.

Five motivations like five fingers, the workers are gripping and determinating of work and dedication.

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