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Vietnamese Workers Enjoyed Feast EID Party by United Building Materials Factory

United Building Materials Factory has done their best facilitating life and work of Vietnamese workers. Most recently, this company held an Eid party for all the employees, including Vietnamese workers.

Eid – the significant religious holiday celebrated by Muslims around the world, marks the end of Ramadan- the month of dawn-to-sunset fasting. This is the first time Vietnam workers at United Building Materials Factory (Dammam) celebrated this important holiday, which can partly reason why they were utterly eagerly waiting to welcome it.

After around 3 months working for this factory, Vietnam employees sent by have familiarized themselves with living and working here. They also specially appreciate how the factory management cares about them in particular and the entire laborforce in general. In celebration of Eid, the company held a warm party joined by the management and all the employees, including Vietnam workers.


The company car drove them to the party.


Vietnamese workers couldn’t hide their bright smile on the way


They talked, smiled, took the photo with others while awaiting the food and drink served.


They showed off brilliant smiles, and their eyes shined with happiness.