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What is Talent Acquisition? Revealing the secret to attracting effective talent

admin March 17, 2023

Talent Acquisition – attracting talent – ​​is a term in the Human Resources industry. Building a professional image for the company, attracting attention, building long-term relationships with potential candidates, etc., thereby exploiting quality human resources are the outstanding activities of the company. Talent Acquisition. So what exactly is Talent Acquisition? What points should HR pay attention to when drafting and implementing Talent Acquisition strategy?

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What is Talent Acquisition?

What is lent acquisition? Talent Acquisition, also known as talent acquisition, includes many long-term activities, starting from building a professional corporate image, making an impression and connecting with potential candidates.

Next, build a system to search and train qualified people to become business candidates now and in the future.

Talent Acquisition is a continuous activity to ensure quality human resources to serve the business in the long term. This is what makes Talent Acquisition method different from traditional recruitment.

Why apply the Talent Acquisition process?

Today's workers have changed in the way, behavior and habits of finding work.  Thanks to the rise of remote working models, which are not limited by space and time, top talent has the ability to find the right job by the ocean wherever they are.  

Statistics of Linkedin show that more than 75% of current candidates do not have an active need to find a job. On the contrary, businesses have to compete with each other to attract good personnel to their side.

What is Talent Acquisition? Revealing the secret to attracting effective talent

Therefore, people doing Talent Acquisition cannot just sit and filter applications. They need to have skills in sales and marketing - PR, to attract and convince candidates.

Compared with the normal , what are the advantages of Talent Acquisition?

Traditional recruitment is usually a short-term campaign, including basic activities such as posting recruitment information, then screening candidate profiles, scheduling interview appointments and finally selecting the right person. 

Although it is also a recruitment method, Talent Acquisition aims to build a recruitment brand in the labor market. Thereby helping businesses attract candidates to follow.

It is to help the company communicate its core values, combined with building relationships with external human resources.

If the Talent Acquisition process is run well, there will always be a file of potential candidates to follow – even when they have no need to change jobs.

The secret to effective talent acquisition is based on the Talent Acquisition method.

1. Forecast

First, determine which positions at your company are the hardest to fill and prioritize.  Positions that require highly specialized skills, experience, technical or technological work and senior leadership, etc are often difficult positions to fill, which can take 3 to 6 months or longer to find a suitable candidate.

Therefore, it is extremely necessary to prepare a source of candidates for these positions. Break potential candidates into small groups to have a source of mining records available when needed.

2. Network Building

In the HR profession, there's a saying that "the best employee for this job belongs to another company," but it's still a good idea to follow up with anyone who might be a good fit for the company and build a network of contacts.

Get them noticed with networking activities, outreach, weekly updates on your company, etc. These small actions help you build a relationship with potential candidates and can be useful for your business future recruitment.

3. Get people involved in recruitment

Never think that recruiting is the job of the human resources department. To attract talent, all your employees must participate in Talent Acquisition activities. Encourage people to share company activities, demonstrate core values ​​and promote corporate culture.

Besides, when you know what position the company is hiring for and what important skills are needed, your staff/colleagues can refer potential candidates to you.

4. Take the time to attract talent

Interviewing is an extremely important part of the talent acquisition process. You want to see how the candidate would act in a professional setting. However, your best intuition about people, performance, and cultural fit may come from the space outside the boardroom.

In addition to regular phone conversations, you can also organize lunch meetings, etc as a way of interviewing – informally – potential candidates. Don't hesitate to invite them again if you need more time to evaluate.

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