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What to Look for When Recruiting HVAC Technicians?

admin May 18, 2016

When it comes to hiring HVAC technicians, there is a checklist on what makes them a qualified recruit. Here we have comprised the essentials traits and skills that are required from this type of trademan.

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The heating, ventilation and air conditioning field is growing fast, adding more and more HVAC technician jobs every year. In this in-demand field, there are certain qualities and skills demands that HVAC technicians should have. It is required for employers to have a solid understanding of what will be expected from their candidates in this particular type of trademan.

Aside from the common qualifications like licensing, certification and experience, there are some traits that are required from HVAC technicians. You will want to know them when looking for qualified candidates.

Qualities of a good HVAC technician

1.    Mechanical skills

While these skills can be learned through training, importantly, technicians are comfortable working with the mechanical systems. When the systems need assembling, disassembling, repairing and programing, HVAC technicians are the wizard to get it done.

2. Communication

Communication skills

Many technicians work directly with customers, pleasing them and having their confidence. So it is important to have people skills. A good technician needs have a certain level of finesse to interact well with their customers.

2.    Time management skills

Another important soft skill is the ability to manage a schedule effectively while remaining organized. Many technicians deal with many technical problems a day and they have to be able to finish each task efficiently.

3.    Physical strength

Whether technicians work on their own or in teams, they will need to be comfortable lifting equipment, objects, parts. Physical strength is needed this case.

4.    Detail-oriented nature

A successful technician will be able to stay organized. The job requires them to maintain accurate records of visits, the work performed and any equipment that was used.

5.    Readiness for the right tools

Be equipped with the right tools would save time it takes to fix things.

6.    Trouble-shooting skills

trouble shooting skills

More often than not, HVAC technicians would receive a call about a system before having a chance to diagnose the problem. So they need to be comfortable troubleshooting and logically concluding what the issue could be. This requires asking customers and working with the system to see what may have failed.

7.    Patience and composure

What is more frustrating than a problem that ‘stubbornly’ it can’t be fixed? HVAC technicians, many times, will find themselves struggling finding a way to fix the system. No matter how many different things they check, no answers come to them. In such situations, technicians need relax a bit. Take some deep breath, break for some minutes and come back to the project afresh. Nothing is impossible. With right mind and attitude, every problems would have a solution.

8.    Safe work habits

Safe work habits

HVAC technicians work with water, electricity, gas, and moving parts. It is vital for them to follow proper repair procedures without taking shortcuts. A good HVAC technician would have clean, well-maintained tools, secure the working area from children, and isolate power sources before they start any repairs.

9.    Clean-up

Once the job is done, the work area must look exactly the way it was before. Cleaning up after the job can lead to a happy customer and another call.

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