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10 challenges the employers have to face (part 1)

admin August 03, 2015

Become a leader of an organization doesn’t mean the ground under your foot cannot fall down. As a manager, always exist the difficult mission you need to confront. However with the right skills and solution, you don’t have to worry anymore. So what are the troubles will make you lose your sleep?

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1. The annoyed people

In a group, company and your daily job will have at least one or some people who you hardly can stand. Maybe the reasons are in their personality or their poor performance. Your purpose is to treat them in an ingenious way. Don’t let it drag you too deep into their circle.

2. Layoff somebody.

It’s not easy, isn’t it? One of the manager’s responsibilities is offering someone to fired someone or do it yourself. Remember not to do it when you are in a bad mood. Instead, make sure to do it in a right and clear process according to your company’s policy and in a respectful way.


To fire an employee is not an easy decision

3. Making a hiring decision.

You meet hundreds of candidates, round and round, compare them to each other with the only one purpose is to find the most appropriate employees. If your decision comes wrong. Well, big deal indeed. Applying to your recruitment a good process – It starts from variety sources of candidates: Social Media, Internal employees, Headhunter company, etc. to a careful CV scanning and a validated selection interview assessment, don’t forget to choose the legal questions to ask.

4. Keep the flame.

Maybe you will feel like losing all the motivation to devote or start a new project. All you need to do is to list all the interesting you used to like about this job to get back to work. Don’t waste your time on thinking about the unchangeable problems. You cannot always drown yourself into work, but that’s what your employees’ expectation. So, walk out and sharing like you’re so excited about the next project, even you are not.


You have to keep the inspiration and motivate the whole team

5. Conflicts in a team or between employees.


Dealing with workplace conflicts takes a lot of time

Who doesn’t want to manage a team where people always get along with each others, boost each other to develop? But sooner or later, some conflicts will explode. To avoid these disasters, it is essential to have the attention of members in hiring process, where they can pick up their own teammate with a clear expectations and responsibility. Equally significant, a transparent policy about the reward, punishment and company culture are necessary.  Also, not all confrontations are bad, sometimes a little constructive conflict is healthy for a team and maintains their motivation.

6. Employees quit their jobs

Especially for the high potential one, showing up with a resign letter, which makes you bad headaches. So don’t wait until then. Figure out the way to keep them, build their loyalty by giving what they need: it could be the personal development, recognition, maybe some challenges in their work. Accompany with it, showing your care and appreciation as well as an open promotion opportunity for the deserved person.


Employees quitting job is also a headache for employer

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