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10 ways having fun at weekend to increase your work productivity

admin August 22, 2015

Successful people acknowledge the importance of switching their status to “relax” at the weekend and recreate their power.

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According to Stanford University’s research, hourly productivity falls sharply when working time per week exceeds 50 hours, and reduces further if it passes 55 hours.

This means people who spend 70 hours (or more) each week to work only achieve the same results with people working 55 hours/ week.

Successful people acknowledge the importance of switching their status to “relax” at the weekend and recreate their power. If you want to get back to your job with 110% in Monday morning, here are the things to do:

1. Turn off the connection

Turning off the connection is the most important strategy in the list because if you can’t find the way to out of the electronic devices relating to work from Friday evening to Monday morning, you will never be able to suspend the work.


Always ready to work 24/7 make you have to face many stress circumstances which lead to reduce the ability of refocusing.

2. Get up in a certain hour

Sleep in maybe makes you feel comfortable for a while, but it also could disorder your circadian rhythm

Your body work through a complicated sleep cyclical so you can wake up feeling relaxed and alert. At weekend, if you sleep in, you will feel tired. This not only adversely affects the weekend, but it also reduces your productivity on Mondays because the brain is not ready to wake up at the right regular hours. So if you want to sleep more, go to bed earlier.

3. Spending the morning for yourself

You brain works at the best in 2 -4 hours after wake up. Getting up early to do exercise then doing what you like in the morning when your brain in a high pitch is not a bad idea.

4. Minimize housework


Housework habit will take all your time in the weekend. When it happens, you will lose the chance to relax and ponder. Worse, many of them are alike your daily work and if you spend 2 days weekend to do it, which means you are working 7 days a week.

The solution is you need to plan on housework in the weekday, if you can’t finish it in a certain time, come back to do in the next week.

5. Thinking


Thinking is a powerful device to improve and develop yourself. 

 Using your weekend to ponder about the factors affecting to your businesses, your jobs or companies in a totally new angle and use them to change your “greet a new week” way.

6. Work out


Your work out can provide the mental and physical benefits instantly

Don’t have time to do exercise in the week? You have 48 hours at weekend to do it. Be physically active for at least 10 minutes to help liberate GABA - neurotransmitters reduces stress. Work out also is a wonderful way to create a new idea.

7. Time for your hobby

Some hobbies such as playing music, reading books, writing, painting or even hangout with your kids could help you fully relax and have yourself the great spirit for next missions.

8. Time for your family

Spending your time on your family is very important if you want to regenerate your health and have fun. Take your children to the parks, your spouse to their favorite restaurant or visit your parents. You could feel happy with the love of the family.


Work-Life balance is extremely important


9. Planning on the small adventure

Instead of doing the same every week, try planning on a hiking, for example. Doing something new what you never try before or what you had done for a long time.

10. Ready for the next week.

Weekend is a great time to spend a little time on planning your next week schedule. Only 30 minutes could bring significant efficiencies and reduce stress. You can control your job better with a fixed plan.


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