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Are you a “Micro-Manager”?

admin May 22, 2015

Micro-manager – the person who always pursue the perfection in all things even the smallest things. Whether it is your leadership style? Take time for join in the following quiz to see if you are a micro-manager and make sure ourselves are not taking on too much work.

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This Quiz will help you find out your management style.


Anwser A = 1 point; B= 2 points; C=3 points

Are you ready?...

1. Being a leader, You focus on:

A. My work because I have assigned clearly the tasks to each employee

B. Staff. They need to be followed closely to perform  tasks.

C. Results!  I'd do anything to achieve a successful outcome

2. On days off, You usually:

A. Leave what? Everything will be messing up without me even for one day.

B. Keep the phone and personal computer to check email regularly.

C. Inform Employee that: "Just call me when emergencies occur "

 3. When assigning tasks to employees, You:

A. Explain clearly work to be done, then if they make errors, I will get the job done by myself.

B. Check the regular staff to understand the progress of work through each day.

C. Require employees to repeat the tasks assigned and discuss the points they do not know well to work effectively guaranteed.

4. The last time You make compliment and appreciate the staff have the well-done in an important task is:

A. Why do I do this?

B. Maybe years ago, when I was on leave for personal reasons (maternity, health ...).

C. Even last week, I always assigned to staff the ability to match the best of them.

5. My trust staff can be compared to:

A. My selection lunch, no need to worry because I'm not allergic to any food at all.

B. Housecleaning service - service is usually pretty relieved me and save a lot of time.

C. Information of ATM card: Of course, no one can trust this kind of information delivery to another person.

6. When asking questions with sincere nature, I feel:

A. It is a time consuming task.

B. It is a good idea to help improve relations, but the truth is rarely useful.

C. This is the perfect way to show respect, building trust and understanding more thorough staffs

7.  "At my workplace, everyone understands their roles and commit to strive to fulfill the assigned tasks." What do you think about this statement?

A. These outdated. At our company, everything is flexible and comfortable.

B. Hmmm ... Some people know what they should do, the rest I am really not sure.

B. This is the criteria I always work towards.

8. Which of the following is the best description of the relationship between you and your colleagues?

A. Every time they met in the hallway or pending elevator, we will nod.

B. Sometimes we often "chatting”, so I know some of their hobbies.

C. We go drinking together several times a month. I would invite them first

It’s come to the end of quiz. So, the most awaiting part is the result

How many points you have?

8 points - 12 points:  No need to say more, you are exactly a MICRO-MANAGER.  You are too perfectionist and often taking on too many things about yourself. Put down your worries that are weighing on the shoulder itself and the broad view panorama. Do not forget that, giving employees responsibility and confidence is one of the way to please people efficiently and cost-saving top.

13 points - 20 points: Average Level. Occasionally, for true peace of mind you have to interfere in the tasks entrusted to the employee. Let's focus on the management further to the skills, vision can take out cover, leading his team to reap more success.

21 points - 24 points: Once assigned tasks appropriate for each employee, you will choose to believe and let them show their talent and effort to complete the work. Congratulations! this is a management approach that helps you save a lot of time; meanwhile, you can focus on boosting operating.

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