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5 management ways that leaders need to stay away

admin February 25, 2015

Are you a modern businessman, always immerse in the ideas and dedicate yourself to the job? How good it is! But you should also be alert. Some personalities could lead you to success yesterday but now can create the dissatisfaction in employees.

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Maybe you're wondering: "How did it happen? I was doing so great". It is easy to understand. You gave birth to "brainchild" since the day it was a germ idea. Then you fed it to grow and now it is no longer a little kid anymore. So, change the "treat", or in other words the method of management, is necessary to adapt to each stage of business development.
The mid-level leaders should also learn from this experience, because changing from a small team with a few members to a larger group will require new leadership skills.
Here are 5 common mistakes on management and how to fix it:
1. Micromanaging
It is undeniable that the founder is the person understanding company the best. However, to put the business on a new turning point, leaders need to break the habit of micromanaging, to stop "putting your nose" on everything, to stop "steering" from large to small things.
Trust the staffs, give them the tools and objectives to arrangement of ideas and implementation plan. Maybe these initial results will make you unhappy, please persevere with your trust, encourage and train them.
Assign work and power not only helps you train a "soldier" but also saves time for more important things.
2. Changing constantly.
Modern business is always full of ideas. Initiative comes easily as breathing, but realization it was a completely different matter, requiring a lot of time.
If in the morning you assigned to your staff the plan A, in the afternoon you changed 180 degrees to the plan X, everyone will be extremely confuse and upset about effort spent as useless. Be careful to choose the best ideas, discuss and plans with staff.
3. Send mail in the holidays and ask to respond immediately
Business to you is the most important, is the top priority in life. But you have to accept the fact that, despite of the enthusiasm, staffs still have family and personal life with others priorities different from you.
Please respect the holidays, accept the interval "weekend" of the best employees. It is an opportunity to re-energize them to continue to contribute.
4. Refuse to listen
Put yourself in this situation: you have a good idea and no one wants to hear your presentation, how much disappointed you are. Actually, you've already gone through that, long ago, when you embark on a new startup.
So next time when employees want to share an idea, really listen to them. The best ideas to contribute to the development of the company will come from people you do not expect.
5. Too stingy
The early days of startup you tighten all spending to survive, but once businesses overcome the nascent stage and are ready for development, it is time to invest money for the target. Investing is not a waste of money but invest in things that are calculated wisely to push the company to the next level.
Unable requires flourished while you only minimal investment. Be confident to invest in technology, marketing and personnel. Care for full benefits of employees to encourage them to focus wholeheartedly to the task.


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