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Stay interview – An essential tool for employers

admin December 31, 2014

The process of searching for talent is not always a smooth journey. Finding talent is difficult, keeping them long is a different story. "Stay interview" is a solution which not only reduces the quit rate but also helps the leaders to find out the cause of an employee refuses to stick with the business.

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Unlike "Pre-exit interview" occurs after there is any hint that an employee is about to exit the firm. "Stay interview" will make the administrators proactively to retain talent when they noticed there are any signs of resignation.

Forbes defines: A “stay interview” is a periodic one-on-one structured retention interview between a manager and a highly valued “at-risk-of-leaving employee” that identifies and then reinforces the factors that drive an employee to stay. It also identifies and minimizes any “triggers” that might cause them to consider quitting.

3 reasons to implement an employee retention interview:
1. Help leaders recognize the specific elements that need to change, improvement in business
2. Identify factors are really important to retain talents.
3. Make a long-term commitment between employees and enterprises, reducing job severance and related costs
Applying these questions
When the role of leaders in the interview is to listen, the selection of appropriate questions to ask should be carefully considered.
- What do you love the most in this job? Which factors could make you change your mind?
- Would you think yourself have an impact and bring any changes into company?
- What do you think about your job performance evaluation has been received? Do you think your capacity was recognized?
- If you can, what do you specifically want to change in this current position?
- Do you feel you are empowered to make decisions on the job? What does company can do to improve the work-life balance?
So many potential candidates appear on the labor market, however it is difficult to find a suitable factor in a little time. If "stay interview” is invested and implemented in the right way, it can solve retain talent problems.


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