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Which qualities are favored by the top recruiters

admin January 09, 2015

Each employer has the interview experience with both good and bad candidates. Therefore, every employer has drawn a pattern candidate they wish to recruit to company. Here are seven favorite qualities of the candidates aggregated by Vietnam Manpower.

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1. Smart
Studies have shown that the intelligence level of a candidate identified 76% productivity and the contribution of the candidate. "Smart" in this case refers to the ability to plan, organize work, arrange in order of priority, solve problems and complete the tasks. "Smart" here in favor of the behavior and the actual ability of the candidate to "confront" with the daily challenges of the job.
The key to show intelligence is the ability to ask intelligent questions. The better questions you ask, the more appreciated by recruiters.
2. Leadership
Leadership is the willingness and desire to take responsibility for the results of their work.
The indication shows the candidate has the qualities of a leader is that they will not excuse at work. You can do that by actively request to complete the company's objectives and commitment to do at your best.
3. Integrity
This is probably the most important quality to bring the long-term success in life and work. Integrity begins with living truth to yourself. This means you must be completely honest with yourself and in relationships with others. You accept your strengths and weaknesses. You accept your mistakes in the past. In particular, you express loyalty. You did not say anything negative about former colleagues or superiors. Even if you get fired, do not ever say anything negative or critical.
4. Friendly
Employers prefer close, friendly, pleasant candidates and good cooperation with everyone. They are also looking for candidates who can join and become part of the big "family" in companies.
The staff has a good personality always be loved and bring a higher efficiency. Teamwork is the key to success in business. You've been a member of a group or you'll be ready to participate and become a part of a group may be is one of the factor to attract employers when applying for a specific position.
5. Capacity
Capacity is extremely important if you want to succeed. It really is the foundation of everything that happens in your career.
Simply understand, capacity is the ability to get the job done. It includes the ability to choose priorities, classification of the related work and completely focus until you complete the assigned work.
6. Courage
This is the personality willing to take risks. Courage also means that you are willing to accept to face the challenges, ready to undertake an important role or completely brand new job with uncertainty and high possibility of failure.
Courage also means willing to speak out and say exactly what you think and feel in any dilemmas. Employers appreciate candidates are not afraid to show his point. And you can do this in an interview when asked direct questions about the company, the position, opportunities for advancement in the future if you work at the company.
7. The potential strength
Potential strength shows the determination and perseverance ability to face adversity. You help employers recognize your potential when you maintain a calm, confident and comfortable manner during the interview.
If you do well in the recruitment process, which is a good sign to see you could remain calm and confident if unavoidable crisis occurs in the daily operations of the company.

Above all, your attitude will decide everything, it is the combination of all positive qualities, which will have the greatest impact on whether you get the job you want or not. All you need to do now is planning to build your character by realizing the response behavior with every opportunity you find.

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