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10 sayings should be avoided in the workplace

admin February 06, 2015

Communication skills play a vital role in building a professional, confidence attitude in the workplace. Experts say that there are three important factors created the iconic leader of prominent individuals: How do they act? How do they look like? What do they say?

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Maybe you do not know, but an accidentally few words will make you become pale with others, or worse, cause break the peace in communication. 
Figure out with Vietnam Manpower 10 sayings should never be used to have a flexible and very professional image in the eyes of superiors, colleagues.
1. "What does this mean?"
Maybe you just use the above question to find more hints for your problem which you not understand, but this is a saying quite negative nuances. The listener will feel you really do not have the willingness to learn problem. Please replace it with the sentence: "Could you tell me more clearly about your opinion?" - Surely the conversation will become much more open and friendly.
2. "It is not fair"
Keep on complaining about the things you find yourself being unfairly treated cannot make the situation better but even can be worse. When referring to any issue revolves around whether daily tasks or macro complaining will only make you be less confident, at a standstill because of jealous, frustrated feeling.
3. "This is not my responsibility"
Each individual was given a mission. It is perfect if you just make your whole mission with full of responsibility and seriously. However, sometimes you probably have to undertake the work of colleagues, this time consider each task and behavior appropriately, because the final result, the responsibility is shared among everyone.
4. "Just"
"I just wanted to check if that ...", "I'm just thinking if this ..."
The phrase "just" is repurposed into a conversation with the aim of mitigating the thorns in the sentence, but using it will make your ideas become more cautious, less persuasive. In any circumstance, personal opinions are very welcomed, so please show a little power when saying your thought, this completely benefits you!
5. "I really cannot find the time!"
How many people do you think will believe in this excuse? For a work has not been completed, even though you really did not have time or you forgot, the best answer is certainly not "blame" in the circumstances! When asked about the job has been assigned, give a specific time to complete in an ingenious way to rather to beat around the bush for your delay.
6. "It's not my responsibility. I sent an email from last week! "
You’ve sent email does not mean your responsibility ended. When receiver does not reply email in a few days, the blame they will not make your images better. Why not take the initiative to contact or communicate directly? In addition always keep an active role in the work, make sure no one can blame you when the job is stalled.
7. "I hate..." or "It annoys me when ..."
Be cautious in expressing upset emotion in office environment always needed attention. Using impatient words, especially when you target directly an object or a job not only creates an immature image but also a "spark" leads to many conflicts difficult to solve.
8. "You should be / have to ..."
No one feels comfortable to control. These words really cause uncomfortable feeling to the listeners! Instead, try to change: "In the future, I have the opinion that we should ..." This is a much more positive saying.
9. "I'm sorry, but ..."
Apologize when you feel really guilty and afraid of what you had caused. Explaining, listing reasons makes apology become disingenuous and creates a feeling that you were uncomfortable to admit you were wrong.
10. "Actually ..."
"Actually, the thing is," "Actually, you should know how to solve this", etc ... You may find that talking is quite strange? More than that, it looks like you're trying to talk to people know that their opinions were "incontrovertible" wrong. Try the suggestions in a positive and friendly sentence, maybe your opinion will be warmly welcomed!

Always behave in harmony because who knows whether career fate in the future lies in simple conversations each day.


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