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10 steps to create a professional online marketing plan

admin April 26, 2022

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     Market and competition analysis

To do this, you need to research:

+) Market

+) Competitor

+) Industry characteristics and trends

+) Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats…

What makes your product stand out?

10 steps to create a professional online marketing plan

     Your target customer

Marketing tools offer a multitude of audience segmentation capabilities, but to get the most out of them, it's important to know who you're targeting, so the next step is to make this clear. You need to understand what the buyer's needs and motivations are and how to choose the best online channels and communication strategies to reach them. To do this, you can use many different tools.

     Your target

Once you have completed the previous steps, you must define exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Your goal should be:

     +) Specifically

+) Can be measured

+) Can reach

+) Reality

+) There is a deadline

     Strategy and Creativity

To map out your strategy, it's helpful to segment your actions by conversion funnel. Logically, talking to someone who has never heard of your brand is not the same as talking to a typical customer. Once you define your strategy, it's time to get creative, to make your message go further and leave a lasting impression.

     Sales process

If you're looking to drive sales online, it makes sense to define a series of steps that users will go through on your website before they become customers. If your business isn't e-commerce, you'll need to find other ways to link sales with your online communication efforts. For example, this could be through lead generation.

10 steps to create a professional online marketing plan

     Customer loyalty

Once you've converted users into customers, you're faced with one of the most exciting parts of online marketing: customer loyalty. Acquiring a new customer is significantly harder than keeping an existing one, so this part of the plan is crucial.


Time to talk about money. How do you budget for your online media efforts? The most common method is to split your investment among the different channels you are using (web, search engines, social media, etc.).


When it comes to technology, the online world offers endless possibilities that are ever-changing and evolving. Don't hesitate to ask for guidance from an expert who can explain in depth the pros and cons of the different options.


Your online marketing plan is almost ready, but you can't forget an essential part: analyzing your results. To define success, you should define several KPIs or “Key Performance Indicators” that you will track.

Measurement and adjustment

It is important to set up periodic control tests against your KPIs and analyze your results to ensure that your marketing efforts are being successful. If not, you'll need to adjust your plan based on what isn't working. If that's the case, you can build on your existing plan and continually find new ways to improve.

Above is sharing about 10 steps to create a professional online marketing plan. These are the core steps you need to take to create an online marketing plan. Hope to have provided useful knowledge for you. Good luck.

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