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3 outdated rules in the recruitment process should be changed

admin August 18, 2015

Like a traditional ritual: all of you wear your best clothes, show off in front of the judges and answer the questions, try to act smart and inoffensive. It's a beauty contest? No, I’m talking about a recruitment interview.

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But apparently, it is not what it should be. The judges of a beauty contest may never see the contestant again, but a recruiter will have to work with their chosen candidates every day. So stop thinking the interview is a beauty competition, but acting like you are hanging out for a date. That’s right. What is the purpose of a date? Looking for the one who you will live with for the rest of your life. And the aim of an interview? You seek for the person you will spend 40-60 hours per week with. The question is how to have a better result and to find the better employees?

# 1. Asking (too) much about the past

Of course, it’s reasonable if you want to know the work process of a candidate, which called CV. But somehow, you are wasting too much time for their past, instead of using it to find out which of their characteristics suits your company.

Let's imagine, you went on a date and said 3 last girls I’ve met really like me. Sometimes I still buy them flowers, have some dinners and listen to their problems. I’m a wonderful guy, you can ask them to confirm. So, Will you marry me?”. Maybe she would run away before the drink could be served.

The solution here, do not ask “Tell me your work process..”, but give them an issue to complete or ask them prepare a presentation in advance. Create the problems and see how they fix it can help you know which values a candidate could bring to your company.


# 2. Let the newcomer get along with others by themselves

After deciding to choose some potential people, there isn’t short of the circumstances when you left your new members with a totally stranger group. Boss says “This is Bob”, then disappears and expects other will like him as much as himself.

Just like you do not want to let your new boyfriend alone with your parent on the weekends, you have the responsibility to help them get along with other members, And even better if you could let your team attend to the recruitment stage. By that way, a high probability of finding an employee who can bring the benefits for the whole “family”.


Asking what other people think is a simple way to get along with them

# 3. Attract the people like you

You might think: An ideal employee is a person who loves your business just like you. Unluckily, this will not bring the best quality when you are only looking for your copy version. It is necessary for you to realize what you need is to find someone who has the advantages that you don’t have or compensates for your weakness, which completes a perfect picture to human resources within the company


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