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How to Fire Employees Peacefully

admin August 04, 2015

Firing employees is one of the top 10 challenges employers have to face. So, when you have to face with this challenge, How to do it peacefully

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If you have to dismiss an employee, do it constructively!

It is far from easy to hire an employee. And it is difficult to dismiss someone, too, especially those working for you for a while. As far as heart comes, each employee is a crucial part in the organization. Without him/ her, the laborforce puzzle will be incomplete. When you have no alternative but to fire him/ her, you heart may hurt. As far as mind comes, employee dismissal is a real loss for the company. It may be a waste of your time and effort coaching and mentoring that employee, especially if he/she has done just a little for the company. You have to use time and efforts refilling that seat, and training if required. That is why to fire someone is really hard. Still, if you have to do so, it will be the best legally and compassionately to smooth that employment termination. That way, the employee won’t be over-shocked and the rest of the company doesn’t go viral. And you, of course, won’t earn more headache.

Time to fire


Tuesdays is the preferred day to let go of someone.

Avoid the dismissal on Friday, which would delay that person looking for new job. To choose Monday is a bit shocking and disappointing to the to-be-fired employee. He/ She has to start a new week with bad news. What a pity! Tuesdays is preferred. Do that deed on Tuesdays and before the end of the working day. That deed should happen in a private conference room to keep that employee away from being embarrassed in a public departure. It would be better if you ask a silent witness of management level to be present.

Clarify why


You would rather state the causes than stating particulars.

Make him clear about why you let go of him. Profuse apologies can make the situation harder, and the employee can make excuses and won’t be willing to leave. Explain why that person has no way but to let go. Tell him that you are really sorry to see him go though, the decision is done. If you aren’t ready for furthering the discussion about specifics of “why”, then don’t be provoked into a defensive listing of faults. That way may augment your decision to dismiss him, but can hurt his dignity and just worsen the injury. Make sure the person see that you want to make this employment termination as fair as possible for him to find another job as soon as possible. Overall, along the process, what you say can be against you. Preferably, state the causes of dismissal but don’t state particulars. The discussion should go as briefly with only fact statements. If the staff becomes emotional, you should keep on staying on track and being as professional as possible.

Document related things


People can’t be aware of the verbal details when being deeply upset. Then prepare a writing that lists the severance package, how much he will be paid until then, and the like.

Also, check the list of keys, passwords, etc. to be returned. It will be wise of you to block access to the company databases by the time of dismissal.

More legally, if possible, show that person the documented list of his observed behaviours, performance reviews with dates and actions noted. That can act as the proof that you give that staff the chance to get back in shape.

Know the law


Grasp law that may protect the employee from being fired.

Before firing a worker, you should seize the laws that may protect him. Give justification causes that fully explain why you end that employee’s employment.

Don’t delay


If it is the best for two parties, do it sooner than later.

Once you understand that a dismissal is needed, it would benefit all involved parties, then do it sooner than later. It is difficult to convince the fired staff that it is for the best. Still, the dismissal will be more constructive if you do it sincerely, decisively, thoughtfully and generously as possible.

Stay constructive


Wisely, don’t speak ill of that staff when you inform other employees of his employment termination.

Don’t avoid


Don't go in hiding. Give him some sincere encouragement that can make him feel better

Don’t avoid him especially if the dismissal is not for misconduct or poor performance, but for budget reasons. Drop him some sincerely encouraging lines – for example, “Be positive. Be brave. Fighting on everything, and always choose to smile.”. Your fired employee would feel better about it. Needless to say, you may find that you want to employ him again or employ his friends in the future.”

Offer help


To help your fired employment with new job isn't required but encouraged

You may help him with new employment by recommending a better suited job for him or sending information on networking events and opportunities.

Now it’s your turn. Have you ever dismissed someone? Don’t hesitate to share your experience!

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