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3 Types of Workers You Must Avoid

admin July 29, 2015

If you hire them, they may hit your company as a plague. Who are they? Here specify 3 wrong types of employees that you should avoid without fail, especially if your company is a start-up.

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1. The indifferent


Indifferent employees are just like robots without passions

You should kick them out of your company at all costs because he/ she will cost your business a buck. This type of employee considers the company has nothing to do with him/ her. What indifferent employees want to do is to finish their workload as soon and leave the office and come home or hang out with friends. In this severely competitive world, you need add those bringing value to your company to the workforce, instead of ‘robots’. This kind of employee always turns up at work just on time (or a little bit late), and get out of the office just on time (not one minute later). They will feel annoyed if they are asked to do extra work. That way, they are uninspiring to other people and may be a bad virus that infecting their indifferent to others. Overall, rarely do they show their excitement at work. You don’t welcome this type of employee at your workplace, do you?

2.  The disgruntled


Disgruntled employees find nothing good at work.

They are always whining about everything. In their eyes, nothing is good with the company, with the , with their co-workers and with themselves, either. They are often unsatisfied with their pays, and they overestimate the value they bring to the company. More seriously, they speak ill of the company and their colleagues, customers and friends. Just don’t have them in your laborforce. Even if you mayn’t have an adequate number of staff members, you are better off without this type of employee.

3. The con artist


Businesses also should avoid con artists

In just about all large organization, you can find this type of employee. They are deceitful, artful and fraudulent. They will always make use of the situation. They won’t hesitate to rip off unwary customers or coworkers. They won’t repay after borrowing. They imitate documents. They lie. They aren’t responsible. They overemphasize their capabilities and achievements. When you find out that one in your human resources is a con, you should find ways to fire her/ him. It’s impossible to change them.

Also, note that the con isn’t necessarily involved in a grand-scale scandal. They may be involved in some small cases like forging sickness, exaggerating expenses.

In a nutshell, manpower recruitment shouldn’t just be done to occupy the seats but to look for right persons for the jobs. If you can’t seek out the right one yet, you have better to wait a bit longer to find the appropriate candidate. It is that significant.

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