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4 most important recruitment test samples for companies

admin July 21, 2022

During the recruitment process, each enterprise will develop its own process of examination and evaluation to select the most potential candidates. In particular, the recruitment tests are always focused by employers in exploiting candidates. Employers can combine multiple recruitment test samples or focus on certain "tests" to accurately assess a candidate's abilities, skills, and personality.

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What is the recruitment test sample?

It can be said that the recruitment test sample is a candidate assessment test, to analyze and better understand the portrait used before or after the interview round. Depending on the characteristics of each job, employers have different tests.

Until now, some companies have always used traditional recruitment methods that are looking for candidates by looking at resumes and a few face-to-face interviews to find candidates. However, this method is very difficult to bring recruiters with excellent candidates.

There are many cases where candidates are eliminated by external factors, creating a bad first impression for the employer affecting the interview results, there are also many candidates who appear to be able to communicate, combined with a beautiful CV, satisfactory work experience. Therefore, the combination of using HR recruitment test templates will help employers recruit more effectively, reduce the rate of false recruitment and reduce recruitment costs as well as hidden costs for companies. 

4 most important recruitment test samples for companies

The most important recruitment test sample

Expert knowledge test

This is a test to help assess the candidate's professional ability, assess knowledge, practical experience, to recognize the ability and job satisfaction. Therefore, the competency test is used a lot in all fields and industries. Accordingly, IQ, professional capacity as well as essential skills to successfully complete assigned tasks will be shown relatively clearly. Specifically, the ability test will assess the ability to calculate quickly, the ability to think logically, apply professional knowledge to solve problems, etc. are the most common types of articles.

Situation test

The situational test will aim to assess the candidate's skills in specific roles, the skills test has a fairly flexible range from language, math, communication to typing ability, office computer skills, …

In other words, this method allows employers to screen people with "nice" CVs but can't prove themselves in reality and vice versa. Although a bit time-consuming, this test will help recruiters find the best candidates. For candidates, this will be an opportunity for them to shine with their skills. Through the assessment results, employers can have more grounds to evaluate many other aspects such as skills in receiving information, problem solving, critical thinking, etc.

4 most important recruitment test samples for companies

Other recruitment test samples

In addition to the professional knowledge test and the situational test, employers can also refer to many other recruitment essay samples to diversify in evaluating candidates. Employers can learn more about the assessment samples below:

Cognitive test

Cognitive ability tests are divided into two main categories, to assess intellectual problems such as language, math, ability to read - understand and remember, ...

Soft intelligence: The ability to distinguish abstract elements, absorb new information, and deal with specific situations.

Crystallized intelligence: The ability to analyze data, apply available expertise to solve any problems that arise.

In fact, this is the type of post that is most used by employers because of its low cost but still accurately assesses the candidate's work performance.

Personality test

Meanwhile, the personality test will focus on factors such as conscientious attitude at work, open-mindedness, extroversion, self-motivation skills, etc. to assess behavior, candidate's personality.

For this type of essay, candidates only need to give a true-false, yes-no opinion to the questions and issues raised by the employer. Through the candidate's answers, the employer can assess whether the candidate's views and attitudes are suitable for the job requirements and culture of the company or business.The process of building a candidate competency assessment set needs to be invested, focused on perfection, to be able to properly and fully assess the candidate's ability, so as not to miss any potential candidates.

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