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8 small habits people use to judge you

admin August 10, 2015

In life as well as daily communication, your every movement will hardly have the chance to get rid of “scan machine” from people around, especially the difficult ones.

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Do you know that some normal activities like drinking water, shaking hand, checking phone turn out the yardstick to measure your personality in other’s eyes? And which habits are the target of judgement?


1. Handshake

Many people admit that they judge others through a handshake. The researches also show the courtesy handshakes which seemed ordinary actually reveal a lot about a person's personality: Person with a strong handshake is extroverted, confident and express many emotions. Other while, a softer handshake is representative for a timid, excitable person.


"Strong handshakes indicate the strong and confident character"

2. Punctuality

If you are late at an important meeting, by mistake, you will create the negative impression about your characteristic in other’s eyes. Punctuality is a feature of the active, organizational mindset group. Being proved by science, people who usually come late will belong to type B – not due to the lack of thinking, but a large part of this group are comfortable, unhurried types of person.

3. The way you treat a waiter.

A lot of surveys have indicated that your dignity will be assess based on how you treat service staff such as waiter/ waitress. As a result, most people attended to answer the question said they would never date with anyone who is rude to a waiter. Especially when you take an interview at a restaurant, if recruiters see a candidate act bossy with the restaurant staffs, no matter how good he is, he will fail.

The leading psychological experts also affirm that personality of a person is expressed the most up to their attitude with hotel staffs, security guards and waiters.

4. Your eyes direction while drinking water

People looking at the cup when drinking are usually introverted, acknowledge their personal’s value, have a ideal living and very concentrate. Meanwhile, people keep their sight out of the cup are easily influenced by others, environmentally conscious, impartial, credible and extroverted. Those who close their eyes when drinking proved they are deeply hurt or feel uncomfortable.

5. Chewed fingernails

According to science researches, chewed fingernails habit not only has the influence to your health but also reveal many interesting things about yourself. Specifically, if you have the habit related to bite your nails, pluck your hair or peel off your skin, you seemly are perfectionist, always have a concern and can never fully relax.


6. Handwriting.

Even if it your squiggly lines when write a note or your love letter, handwriting is another form of personal express. Those press hard the pen when writing are very stubborn but confident at the same time. Graphologist Kathi McKnight announced that if you own a large handwriting will prove that you have a clear direction, inclined handwriting means you are introverted. Your words more toward to the right side is characterized by friendly people, rich in emotion; toward to the left represents introverted person. And a straight handwriting means you are a realistic person.

7. How often do you check your phone?

If you are types of people constantly check mail or press f5 at facebook, which means you belong to imbalanced emotional person group and always looking to motivation.

8. Eye contact


In an article at Psychology Today magazine, Dr Adrian Furnham said the extrovert often look directly at people face when chatting. Introvert sometimes would look at people they are talking with, but not often and long as the first type. Overall, those who dare gaze at other are confident and prefer to communication.

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