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Doing Exercises - One of Great Ways to Enhance Work Performance

admin November 16, 2016

Research suggests that working constantly is linked with an increase in several health risks as well as likely to cause depression and anxiety. It’s no secret that regular exercise and a good diet can dramatically reduce risks of diseases. Therefore, it’s worth taking a look at exercise in the one place where nearly all of us will spend a good chunk of our lives: the workplace.

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Doing Exercises - One of Great Ways to Enhance Work Performance

In the workplace, prolonged stress from continual working can cause difficulty working with colleagues and , trouble concentrating, preoccupation over the fear instead of focusing on work and even fear of failure, flying, going in to the elevator, or public speaking.

Besides, in the researches published in the European Heart Journal earlier this year, it found that a rise in several health risks: higher levels of artery-blocking triglycerides and the heart disease predictor C-reactive protein, lower levels of the “good” cholesterol HDL, and a larger waist is relative to sitting (at desk or behind steering wheel) for extended periods of time.

No matter the harm of working constantly is, it is clearly hugely detrimental to professional performance, affects to work productivity and career development of both the employees and the company. Doing exercises in workplace is one of the solutions for this problem.


Doing Exercises - One of Great Ways to Enhance Work Performance


It is found in researches that exercise changes our attitude towards many aspects of our work. Doing exercises makes us more positive and more productive by improving our focus and ability to manage our time and tasks efficiently. It also makes people more cheerful and resilient in the face of stress. A bit of exercise to the workday has a particularly positive effect on employees suffering from anxiety and depression. However, even for those not struggling with any mental health issues, the impact of exercise on mood was profound. Hence, happy employees, it turns out, are productive employees.

Moreover, the mood-boosting effects of exercise are not only on the individual level but also the whole team. For example, when they exercise, subjects fell more tolerant and positive towards colleagues. Unsurprisingly, workplace relationships improved.

Additionally, some on-site exercise even helps those who work on their feet. Even those like cashiers, receptionists, and nurses who spend most of their time on their feet can benefit from adding a few targeted exercises into their work routines. The right combination of stretches and activities can help prevent sore feet, aching backs, and injuries caused by repetitive movements.


Doing Exercises - One of Great Ways to Enhance Work Performance

In the workplace, exercise before, during and after working hours should be encouraged. For example, employees should bike to work, or walk on the stare instead of using elevator. If possible, small gym or yoga room should be installed. Otherwise, there are some simple exercises that everyone could do during working as followed:  

1.    Stretch every day to develop flexibility. This will ward off injuries.

2.    Take a Walk: In fact, the simple act of walking prevents you from getting distracted.

3.    Wrists and hands: it makes your hands feel better, and prevents soreness of a repetitive strain injury.

4.    Knee lift: lift your knee up in front as your arms go down.

5.    Lunge. While walking, take the widest step you can and lunge forward.

6.    Toe raises. Lift your toes while keeping your heels firmly on the ground. While you can do this exercise standing, it works very well while seated.

7.    Shoulder raises. Raise your shoulder to your ear, hold and then relax. Repeat, alternating shoulders.

In Middle East workplace with mixed gender environments, the exercise number 2, 3 and 6 are highly recommended for women to avoid award situation.

Exercise in the office isn’t a new idea, but it’s such a clear win-win — in terms of health, morale and productivity — that it deserves to be put in the spotlight once more.


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