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Great way to set up a plan for a successful new year 2022

admin January 06, 2022

Every New Year's Eve is an appropriate time for us to summarize the past year and set up a plan and goal for a successful new year. To make your 2022 meaningful, Vietnam Manpower - LMK Vietnam shares with you the secret to setting up an effective New Year plan yourself!

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A plan for the new year helps you set out your goals, plans, visions.... Here's what you need to do to make plan for the new year.

The “report” for the past year

Before you start making plans for the new year, it's a good idea to take the time to make a "report" for the old year. This will give you an overview of the past year. Ask yourself, what have you accomplished in 2021? What achievements have I achieved? Where have I failed, what are the causes and lessons learned? What do you want to change for a successful new year?… And don't forget to think about the things you've planned but haven't done yet. Because that is the motivation for you to set goals to complete in the new year. Being honest with the old year "report" will help you set goals for the new year more successfully.

Great way to set up a plan for a successful new year 2022The old year "report" to summarize the achievements and failures of the past year.

Ready to change

The year 2021 has been full of difficulties and challenges, and has come to an end. It's time to let the "old" things go with the old year. Welcome the new year with mind ready to face all difficulties and challenges. A ready posture will help you "wake up" to realize what work you need to do for the new year. So, put aside the boredom, humiliating failure, the bloody lessons of the old year and renew yourself with an attitude of being ready to "take the lead" of the challenge!

   Great way to set up a plan for a successful new year 2022                                    Ready for change, career breakthrough in 2022.

New Year's Goals

Writing down goals or creating a vision board for the new year will help you achieve desirable results. According to the Harvard Business Study regarding goal setting:

-  83% of respondents have no goals for the new year.

- 14% of respondents have a plan but have not written it yet. Research shows that this group is 10 times more likely to be successful than those without any goals.

- 3% of respondents wrote down their goals. They were three times more likely to succeed than the group that had some plans

Absolutely, vividly describing your goals in written form is closely related to goal success. Essentially, writing down these goals will remind you every day of what you need to do. But more importantly, the visual goal will be stored in the brain for a long time, and you will always want to focus and try to achieve it. At the same time, clear goals will be the "guidelines" for all your activities in 2022.

Great way to set up a plan for a successful new year 2022Write goals for the new year 2022 to succeed.

Now, sit down and list what you want to achieve for each area in the new year 2022 including:

• Health

• Family

• Relationships

• Work/Career

• Finance

• Self growth

• Community contributions

• Entertain

Next, you set 1-3 important goals for each area. Then you go on to choose the 5 most important goals to you that you want to achieve in 2022. The advice is that these 5 goals should be in 5 different areas. If you don't know how important your goal is, answer the following questions:

• What financial results do I want to achieve next year? (same for all remaining fields)

• Why is it so important to me to get that outcome?

• Is achieving this result really necessary, useful and brings me peace and happiness?

• Will achieving this result really help and bring happiness to my loved ones?

 • If I don't achieve this, will something bad happen to me and my loved ones?

Next step, rewrite the 5 most important goals in 2022:

• Specific: Goals must be specific, clear, and easy to understand

•  Mesurable: Goals can be measured in numbers, clearly quantified

•  Achievable: Goals can be achieved by your own ability

•  Realistic: Realistic goals

•  Timebound: Goals have a deadline to achieve the goals outlined

Once you've specifically identified the goals you want to achieve in 2022, spend some time thinking about what you can do to achieve these goals. It is important that you "start taking action, change" from the beginning of the new year. Take action to see where you go wrong, what needs to be changed, and you will find yourself getting better every day. And step by step closer to your goals.


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