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Importance of CRM for companies today (p1)

admin June 30, 2022

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What is CRM? CRM definition

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a technology for managing all of a company's relationships and interactions with potential customers. The goal of this tool is simple: Improve companies relationships. CRM systems help companies connect with customers, streamline processes, and improve profits.

CRM solutions help companies manage relationships, including: customers, service users, colleagues or suppliers, throughout the customer interaction process, from finding new customers to signing. service contract, providing support and subsequent additional services.

Importance of CRM for companies today (p1)

How CRM system works

Customer relationship management (CRM) software plays a role in helping companies attract, convince and retain customers, through assisting in building marketing and business campaigns. CRM systems will collect customer information from sales channels such as websites, e-commerce platforms, and social networks. Then, the CRM will store and organize the information according to the categories that the company sets up. As a result, the company will easily classify customer groups, better study customer desires and behavior. From there, businesses will come up with appropriate plans to reach and retain customers.

With CRM, companies can automate and optimize marketing and sales activities, and even build phased campaigns. In addition, CRM technology has the ability to set up powerful reports, effectively analyze campaigns and make accurate forecasts, helping companies evaluate the effectiveness of each company activity and strategy.

Classification of CRM system

On-premises CRM and cloud CRM

Based on the implementation method, the CRM system can be divided into two main types: on-premises CRM and cloud CRM.

On-premises CRM

This is a traditional solution, deployed on an enterprise server and built on top of the organization model. Enterprises can access, directly affect and manage the databases inside the system. The organization will be responsible for maintaining the server and no third party involvement.

Cloud CRM

Cloud CRM or cloud CRM is software that stores data on cloud computing. It provides on-demand computer system resources, all data will be stored on the cloud system. With this model, companies do not need to buy any other infrastructure or software. You don't have to pay for maintenance, servicing or upgrades. Better data access, unlimited storage information.

Importance of CRM for companies today (p1)

CRM by industry

To meet industry-specific requirements, many vendors offer different industry-specific CRM software. These software will have all the basic functions of CRM, and add other features to suit the requirements of the business. It changes label names and data fields by industry and builds different functional modules according to customer requirements.

Comprehensive CRM

The comprehensive CRM solution has the ability to flexibly adjust and integrate with company software to give businesses the best approach and customer care plan. Typically, a comprehensive CRM system will have the following features:

Support to build a closed sales process: CRM supports companies to offer measures to stimulate demand, creating customers' desire to buy products of the business. In addition, the system also provides measures to improve service quality, helping to retain customers after purchase.

Integration with systems: CRM has the ability to integrate with software and e-commerce platforms.

Suitable for all markets, including international: A comprehensive CRM system is a system that can be flexibly customized to adapt to the market such as language, unit, etc.

Support large-scale operations: CRM has the ability to operate efficiently, quickly and handle large amounts of data.

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