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Interesting Ways to Welcome a New Employee in the Big Tech Companies

admin October 28, 2015

Take a walk in the forest with CEO, receive a free iMac, travel allowance every year,…are the ways the famous tech companies choose to treat their new employees.

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Maybe with the below unique, oner treatments, these companies have left a big impression in each newbie – a way to have a commitment to stay long from their employees.

1. Facebook




According to New York Times, when Mark Zuckerberg wants to hire a new staff for Facebook, he, in person, will take them to a “small adventure” in the forest. In this trip, Zuckerberg will discussion with the newbie about his development vision at Facebook. He also defines that in Facebook, money isn’t a major purpose.

2. LinkedIn




Every person starting a first work day at LinkedIn always receives a gift bag including lots of interesting stuff such as a water bottle, a handbook and a copy of the book “The Startup of You” written by the founder of this social network – Mr. Reid Hoffman.

It is said that in some particular situation, this gift could be adjusted to fit each personality’s favorite.

3. Square




The co-founder of Twitter and CEO of Square – Jack Dorsey usually takes his new employees to visit the statue of Mahatma Gandhi – a hero of India.

4. Google.




A scene from the movie “The Internship” which talks about 2 guys who has taken as an intern in Google, also has recreated this quite interesting traditional welcome in the company.

Like a customs, in a meeting of all employees which happens in Friday, newbies are required to wear a special hat named “Nooglers” instead of a hello.

5. Apple.




According to the book “Inside Apple” written by Adam Lashinsky, every person working for Apple was generously donated a free iMac. The problem is this iMac will be totally empty and they are demanded to install it from A to Z to be able to use.

They will also take part in an orientation session. In which, they are gifted a T-shirt with the joining year was printed on it.

6. Microsoft.




Microsoft is famous for a traditional giving a lot of candy to new employees, special is M&M.

7. Amazon.




New staffs in the first day at Amazon will be given a desk with the face was made from… a door. In previous, Amazon even required their staffs assemble it.

8. Twitter




For the newbie working at Twitter, all of them will be received a T-shirt and a wine bottle. Some people also have a chance to have a lunch with CEO Dick Costolo.

9. Airbnb




As one of the companies has a high remuneration, every new one comes to Airbnb also immediately is written in the list where they will receive 2,000 USD per year to serve their personal travel.



Almost staffs of are telecommuting. But, as a customs, after being recruited, the new employees will come to the head office setting in San Francisco to participate in a party including all beers and grilled sausage.

Which one of these ways is your favorite? Learn it for your company to have a fun working environment and a long commitment from the newbie in the first day.

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