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10 confessions of a boss

admin June 27, 2015

The employees usually think their employers as a difficult, unapproachable, strictly, unsympathetic person, but read the following confessions, you might find that your boss is actually more easy-going than you thought.

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  1. I do care whether you like me. As a matter of facts, the majority of your bosses want to know that their staffs like them or not. And, of course, they want you to like them as well as the company you are working for because it's their lifelong career.

  2. I cannot know everything. I like the proactive person. When someone gives an opinion without being asked, that proactive attitude at work will create the large differences. In essence, I do not know everything, and if you, by any chance, incidentally help me to find out and fix the certain flaws in the work, I will be more impressed with you and will remember you for helping me.


  3. I want to see my employees happy. You don’t have to whisper or pretend to work hard when I walk up. I know you can still work hard and simultaneously add some humor at work because I had had once just the same as you before I became serious about everything.

  4. I want to pay a higher salary for you, but ....I cannot choose the market, business sector I want because of financial constraints or the potential risks. Imagine that tomorrow, our company will go out of business, you will lose the job and I will lose everything from money, investment, credit and even housing..., you will understand.

  5. I want you to stick with the company forever. The progressive at work is understandable, but as a business owner I'm really not happy with the staff switching job. Perhaps the reason is you are not completely satisfied, but feel free to talk to me, I'm ready to listen. If you leave the company, I am not only very sad but also feel like a part of me has failed.


  6. There are no miracles in business. I know all the orders in which you have to pour a lot of efforts in exchange for nothing. This result makes you frustrated and falls behind. But I want to tell you do not worry. Sometimes, the important and big contracts will take more time to have the highest profit.

  7. I want you to work comfortably. You hate to be noticed and fortunately so do I. But in the work environment still has its principles. I would leave you free to make the ideas and concentrate on your work. If you feel I'm aware you, do not hesitate to tell me "I’m afraid that you don’t think I can undertake this project well. I understand, so I'm proving that you can fully trust in me".

  8. I notice when someone was not conscious. I'm not blind. But I will not punish that employee in front of you. Whether how bad they expressed, nobody wants to lose their privacy and self-esteem. Sometimes I would not punish all of them because there were many things going on than you’ve known and you will not recognize.

  9. There are many things I cannot tell you. Although I would like you and even if we were friends.


  10. Owning a business or management positions sometimes feels like all the burdens on my shoulders. I'm worried about sales, costs, facilities, staff, suppliers, and customers, etc. So maybe I'm occasionally cranky, distracted. There is a certain time, stress and bad tempers knock me down. That is not your fault. Overall, I was afraid you lost faith in me.

More than anything, I worry I couldn’t complete the trust you put in me - a business owner.

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