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Common misunderstandings of employers

admin July 16, 2015

You might have some thoughts that you were right and keep fixating on that. But sometimes, it’s just nothing more than a misconception. In your career path, these mistakes maybe will make you lose your chances or affect to your job.

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Here are some common misunderstandings of many leaders, aggregated by Vietnam Manpower:

1. The only thing that employees care about is salary.


“If it was true, all off us would become bank robbers” – Tony Beshara, a career expert said. Of course, money is important. But an employee cares about many things besides wage, which could be named like promotion chances, their leaders, work environment and development opportunities. According to the most recent research from Boston Consulting Group, which asked over 200,000 people around the world. This survey may point to flexibility or salary is not the top factor for job happiness, BCG found that the #1 factor for employee happiness on the job is get appreciated for their work!

2. The elderly employees will not switch their job anymore.

As reported by AARP, an organization that studies and brings solutions to the problems of the elderly, 27% of them usually changes their job. So, you also need to keep your eyes not only the new and young employees but this important part in your personnel strategy.

3. The best employees are the multitasking workers.


Actually, this is the worst way to work. Do you know that a research showed that if a person took charge of 2 works at a same time, he would waste more time and the concentration than do separate work? More equally, in a research of psychologists, multitasking could lead to the short term memory loss.

4. Without the supervision of the boss, employees will become negligence.

Maybe this was right, but in the previous century. Just a minor of staff need the supervision at work, most of them will try to complete their assigned task without pushing. As a matter of fact, work productivity of an employee could have a bad impact if it meet a strict management. A recent research of the National Contract Management, US, shows that the close supervision, from the smallest things, can possibly adversely affect to communication between managers and employees, productivity, how solve problems and objectives to be achieved.

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