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How to treat young employees right?

admin March 20, 2015

In some fields, young people usually take over the most of human resources in the company. They are potential source who have strength, youth, passion which be led in the right way, you could evoked their infinite creations. Do you know how to treat young workers?

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In common, the young employees are not afraid, a little “daredevil” and could be divided into 3 types:
- Full of intense
- A little overworked, want to be independent.
- Follow the order, just need a job.
Whatever kind they belong, they are also optimistic but still cannot self-promotion. Be a manager, let wake them up by these ways from Vietnam Manpower:
1. Give them some hard works.
A little pressure is necessary
Most managers usually assign hard work for old, experience employees without figuring out others (the new ones) could do that or not. It leads to the unequal situation which some people are too busy, others don’t have anything to do, be forgotten.
2. How to do in the right way.
Teach them how to do...
With some young staffs are too much excited, they misunderstand that ardor is always positive, let them know about work process, rules, sequence, in the right place at the right time. Follow your instinct could ruin your career.
3. Reduce punishment.
Self-esteem of young people is very high. Be commended, they will be happy, be criticized, they will feel depressed right away. An employer should be generous with their mistakes.


But take it easy.
All the talented, ambitious employees want to speak up their ideas, be accepted and confirm their abilities. If a bad boss, on purpose, declines employees’ suggestion or throw it in the garbage, for them it is a big offense. Instead, when received any new ideas from them, listen carefully, even it works or not, they still need to be incentive.
Definitely stay away from “high-pressure” policy in any circumstances. With a young spirit and hot blood, a good manager should lead them in every step including work solving methods as well as encourage them to study, think and practice.

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